Jerry Totsline

Leadership Team

Jerry Totsline is the Business Operations Director for REDCOM, where he helps oversee the goals and objectives for the Business Development, Sales, Strategy, and Marketing groups. Before entering this role, Jerry was the Government Solutions Manager for REDCOM Laboratories. He began with the company in 1987, after graduating from the Rochester Institute of Technology with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science. As a Government Solutions Manager, Jerry is responsible for managing current product solutions to meet a customer’s needs and overseeing joint interoperability solutions.

When Jerry first began at REDCOM in 1987, he started as a Software Engineer with a focus on REDCOM’s Central Office product line. He continued in this role for twelve years before taking the opportunity to lead the Customer Engineering Support Services, which included Technical Support, Product Training, and Technical Publications. He held this position for seven years before moving back into an engineering role as the Director of Engineering which he held for twelve years, working with the software and hardware engineering groups, and product validation group. Before transitioning to his current position, Jerry served as the Product Validation and Certification Manager for REDCOM.

With a wide range of experiences at REDCOM and well-rounded knowledge of the company’s products and government customers, Jerry is a huge asset to REDCOM. When Jerry isn’t at the office he enjoys hunting, golfing, and spending time with his family.