Filemon Flores

Business Development & Program Management Team

Filemon Flores is a Business Development Manager for REDCOM, where he blends strategic planning, market analysis, and collaborative engagement in working with REDCOM’s customers. He identifies new business opportunities, negotiating contracts, and working closely with our engineering and sales teams to align our solutions with customer demands. Filemon is a proud veteran with over 20 years of service in the Marine Corps. His military career provided him with extensive experience in radio frequency (RF) and satellite communications. Serving in various roles, he developed a deep understanding of tactical communications planning and advanced communication technologies.

Throughout his military career, he held several notable positions, including Space and Propagation Engineer, Transmissions Chief, and Radio Operator. These roles allowed him to manage and optimize complex electronic systems, gaining expertise with various SATCOM terminals, various single/multi-channel radio systems, and Network-on-the-Move (NOTM) systems.  He also developed a solid understanding of both commercial and military satellite communication systems.

One of his key strengths is his ability to manage and optimize complex communication systems. He excels in strategic planning, contract management, and stakeholder engagement, ensuring that customer and stakeholder needs are effectively met. Additionally, he is skilled in fostering strong relationships and collaborating with diverse teams to achieve common goals. Mr. Flores is committed to fostering strong relationships with clients and partners to drive REDCOM’s success.

In his free time, Filemon loves quality time with his family. Whether it’s exploring new places or revisiting some of their favorite locations around the world, they always have a memorable time. Additionally for fun, he enjoys golfing and basketball.  A hobby of his is keeping up with the latest technology trends in the world.