Built from the Tactical Edge up

REDCOM is a leading voice in the conversation on actualizing the ZTA at the tactical edge. REDCOM’s new disruptive authentication technology, ZKX™, offers seamless and frictionless multi-factor authentication designed to embody the foundational principles of zero-trust. This is done by its lightweight construction and intentional “bottom-up” philosophy — integrating the enterprise with the edge, not the other way around. Instead of driving the ZTA solely from the top-down, REDCOM sees much more operational benefit in constructing the enterprise ZTA from the bottom-up. ZKX is our first concrete offering to accomplish this.

Brilliance in the basics (Low SWaP)

The complexities of warfare increase within the cyber domain when technologies used to gain the advantage can quickly be turned into asymmetrical threats. REDCOM solutions are designed to shield this type of threat. Our solution is a multi-factor authentication that is platform-agnostic, working within and outside Zero-Trust architecture. ZKX will be driven by the ability to implement low SWaP software solutions reducing the equipment footprint at the tactical edge.

Data Protection

Protecting personal information and data is critical in the cyber domain, where network breaches are common. Zero Trust works under the assumption that your network has already been hacked. REDCOM ZKX authenticates not only the user but the device attempting to access data as well. No personal data is stored within this solution, and should the endpoint device be compromised, no personal information is at risk.


REDCOM solutions align with the ongoing modernization efforts of global military and defense forces that demand interoperability with both legacy and emerging technologies. REDCOM has over 40 years of experience building equipment that can reliably connect multiple disparate devices across all echelons. Our Zero-Knowledge solution is interoperable with different network mediums such as satellite, RF radio frequency, and IP networks.

Download our white paper to learn more about our philosophy on Zero Trust Architecture for the Tactical Edge.

Download the White Paper