Installation Services

REDCOM is dedicated to providing our worldwide customer base with the highest level of support services to ensure that REDCOM equipment maintains its peak availability and performance. With products installed in more than 50 countries across six continents, REDCOM’s customer support organization provides world-class services and support, leading the telecommunications industry in customer satisfaction.  REDCOM provides to all customers a full range of service options, including technical support, training and installation support.

Wherever you are located around the world, REDCOM’s service experts are on call and will support you at your operational center. Visit this page to read testimonials regarding the quality of service you’ll receive with REDCOM.

What does REDCOM provide?

REDCOM systems are delivered pre-programmed, and are operational within seconds of power-up. All that is required is to make the connections and the REDCOM equipment provides service. Most REDCOM systems are installed by customer personnel. In some cases, if requested, REDCOM does provide on-site assistance. When it comes to Operations, Administration and Maintenance (OA&M), REDCOM systems are designed for ease of use. Simple, command-line administration is easily accomplished. In fact, of the thousands of REDCOM installations worldwide, not a single one has a REDCOM technician permanently on-site to maintain a system.

To inquire about REDCOM installation services, please contact REDCOM customer service for details.


One of the great benefits of a REDCOM System is that it does not require recurring expenditures like mandatory service agreements or software upgrades, thus positively impacting your bottom line.  REDCOM is home to some of the leading experts in the telecommunications industry. The REDCOM Technical Assistance Center is staffed with engineers and technicians that have extensive knowledge of REDCOM systems and networking in general. Our technical support experts ensure that REDCOM customers receive the excellent support they deserve. 

Remember: Total Cost of Ownership Matters!

REDCOM customers are in a better position to evaluate the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for REDCOM products, since they don’t have any hidden costs. After purchase, REDCOM customers are relieved of high recurrent expenses, since they have:

  • No annual maintenance contracts
  • No mandatory software upgrades
  • No dependence on REDCOM for Operations, Administration & Maintenance (OA&M)