The communications platform for U.S. Army at the tactical edge

REDCOM was selected by the U.S. Army’s Program Executive Office Command, Control Communications-Tactical for network modernization at the tactical edge. Our call control software platform REDCOM Sigma is being deployed to multiple programs within the U.S. Army at the battalion level and below. Click here to read the entire case study on why the Army selected REDCOM Sigma for communications at the tactical edge.

Sharpening the spear for the next fight

Preparing for the next fight requires tactical edge communications that incorporate rapid employment of capabilities with a focus on interoperability, ease of use, security, and resiliency. Systems will need to connect across a spectrum of communication paths with a simple, intuitive interface configured to support distributed and small formation operations. Those operating at the pointed edge of the spear need the flexibility to communicate over any available network architecture. In denied environments, seamless transition between resources in a way that supports mobile and dismounted operations is critical.

Enhance operational flexibility with a “brilliance in the basics” approach

The complexities of warfare increase within the cyber domain when technologies used to gain the advantage can quickly be turned into asymmetrical threats. REDCOM solutions are designed to shield this type of threat by supporting IP-based systems and networks while providing the ability to integrate TDM, RF, and analog assets for the operator. This multi-tiered approach affords the scalability, security and reliability required by command and control moving forward while providing an offset to cyber risks associated with Cloud-based or IP-based infrastructure.

Interoperability - voice over anything, to anyone, anywhere

Special operations formations are deployed in situations where mobility is the key to survival. Interoperability is a critical component for command and control activity and to establish communications with assets on the objective – such as coalition or host nation partners. Operations in the littorals may require access to local communications infrastructure such as WiFi networks or PBX facilities.

REDCOM solutions span the gap between disparate systems and allow for on-the-move configurations via a GUI interface, connecting resources laterally based on mission requirements. This type of flexibility boosts the effectiveness of those closest to the fight by providing multiple ways of communication without the need for additional equipment.