Interoperability challenges

Warfighters working alongside Non-Government Organizations (NGO), NATO, and other Joint/Coalition forces encounter serious challenges communicating with each other due to the varying signal and communications paths employed by each entity.

Similarly, public safety organizations often face communications interoperability challenges when arriving at the scene of an incident. A single emergency event might involve multiple departments with entirely different radios and endpoints, preventing these agencies from communicating with each other.

REDCOM solves these interoperability problems with Sigma XRI, a low-SWaP, intelligent C2 platform with a RoIP gateway and IP communications control.

Radio over IP (RoIP) - crossband multiple radios into a single network

REDCOM Sigma® XRI supports Radio over IP (RoIP), with the ability to bridge formerly incompatible devices into a single network. Any combination of radio frequency crossbanding is possible, whether communicating between disparate users on TSM and MUOS waveforms or facilitating voice communication between traditional RF waveforms and SIP devices. Supported radios include:

  • Land Mobile Radios (LMR) — HF, VHF, UHF, Satcom
  • Air-Ground Radios
  • Military Radios: any band, any waveform, point-to-point, MANET, or any combination
  • IP-powered radios, providing communications backbones with high-bandwidth or satellite nets
  • Public Safety P25 Radios, DMR, or any other waveform, both trunked and conventional
  • TSM Talk Groups

Bridge IP and RF networks

REDCOM Sigma XRI is more than just a basic radio gateway. Because XRI is powered by Sigma, REDCOM enhances radio interoperability with powerful communications tools for Command and Control (C2) of any and all IP endpoints. Connect Sigma XRI to satellite communications, LTE networks, wired or wireless IP in any form, and the platform will provide a complete C2 for voice, video, and chat across any domain.

REDCOM’s open standards and agnostic approach provides forces with the ability to integrate Voice Over IP (VoIP) and Radio Over IP (RoIP) capabilities in current systems while paving the way for next-generation radios and end-user devices.

Interoperability with TrellisWare® TSM™ networks

REDCOM Sigma includes native interoperability with TSM talk groups. A simple IP connection to a TrellisWare gateway radio followed by quick setup in Sigma is all that is required, providing Sigma with access to all of the talk groups on a TSM MANET network. Because each talk group is a virtual radio network, REDCOM Sigma treats each talk group as its own independent radio net. This greatly reduces radio requirements at the tactical edge, since only one TrellisWare gateway radio is required for Sigma to access talk groups throughout an entire TSM MANET network.

On REDCOM Sigma XRI, since the connection to a TSM network is via IP, this does not use up one of the XRI’s four analog radio ports. This means a single Sigma XRI unit can bridge any number of IP endpoints with up to four analog radio nets and all available TSM talk groups on a single TSM mesh network.

Ruggedized for Mobility at the Tactical Edge

Sigma XRI is available in multiple configurations: a stand-alone box weighing just 2.6 lbs. and modules for Klas Voyager and PacStar platforms.

The XRI is built to maintain communications on-the-move. The XRI-400 can be carried in a rucksack and deployed into any communications infrastructure. Warfighters can mount the XRI permanently or temporarily in a vehicle for dismounted troops or carried to an ad-hoc or permanent communications center for integration into IP, satellite, HF, or other extended nets. In any case, the XRI is light enough for a pack and is MIL-STD tested for temperature, altitude, shock, and vibration.

Tactical users that have already adopted platforms such as PacStar or the Klas Voyager can enhance their system by adding a REDCOM XRI module. The XRI module brings the power of Sigma and radio crossbanding to these existing systems, significantly enhancing interoperability and operational flexibility. 

Ease of use in tactical environments

In the chaos of the battlefield or an emergency event, users cannot be fumbling with technology. The graphical user interface (GUI) on REDCOM Sigma software powering our C2 and radio gateway platform is intuitive and easy to use. Incidental users or administrators can be trained in minutes, so warfighters and public safety personnel can operate REDCOM technology without the need for field service reps or IT experts.

IP-RF interoperability on the C2 network

A single Sigma XRI unit can bring together RF and IP devices from multiple military units or organizations, enabling tactical users to command, control, and communicate. 

The XRI hardware includes four analog ports to connect to four separate radio networks. TSM support allows a TrellisWare TSM radio with up to 32 talk groups to connect to the XRI network. The REDCOM C2 Console app enables an operator to monitor and control all connections and dynamically patch them together. In the example below, patches are color-coded purple, green, and orange to illustrate dynamic patching with the C2 Console.

Radio interoperability with TSM talk group support