Whether it’s a brainstorming session or a formal presentation, the REDCOM Conference Manager delivers advanced voice collaboration tools for secure, critical communications involving a few to thousands of parties in real-time.

When the demand is for a secure and reliable conference call, the product and features must enable the control of participant access, identification and monitoring. REDCOM’s Conference Manager offers unparalleled security by supporting multiple levels of access security, flexible conferee screening and voice encryption. Detailed attendee information is visible to the operator via icons, showing security clearance level, talk path encryption, talking status and precedence level.

The REDCOM Conference Manager makes it easy for an operator or conference controller to monitor and control all aspects of multiple conferences in real time. Some control functions include adding attendees, initiating conferences, joining active conferences, splitting active conferences and creating sub-conferences. The operator/controller can also control the attendees by muting, monitoring, consulting, moving or dropping the attendees.

The REDCOM Conference Manager has a very flexible user interface that is web-based and runs on any modern browser. The design is user-focused and allows for progressive disclosure of information, custom view options, pop-up contextual menus and various modes to suit the ambient environment.

However, flexibility is often accompanied by complexity. With the REDCOM Conference Manager this dichotomy isn’t an issue. There are multiple ways to perform the same function offering flexibility. But there are also simple options when complexity needs to be avoided. For example, if the user needs ease of use, they can simply drag and drop members into conferences. If the user requires more control, they can move members around with drop down menus augmented with “are you sure?” screens.

The REDCOM Conference Manager as a whole is designed with multiple uses in mind. Most functions are controlled by permissions, making this product very customizable to suit your needs. It is the one you want for your strategic communications.