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REDCOM Secure Voice Gateway

Type-1 NSA ACC-compliant gateway using the GD Sectéra® vIPer™ Secure Phone

A modern multi-party secure voice conferencing solution developed in partnership with General Dynamics Mission Systems.

REDCOM Secure Voice Gateway

REDCOM SVG Key Benefits

  • Improves the cybersecurity posture of voice conferencing
  • Enables easy-to-use multi-party ACC-compliant Type 1 communications
  • Black side of the network can be anywhere in the world, as long as the endpoints are Type 1 capable
  • Resolves “low audio” issues with legacy systems
  • Crystal clear voice quality on both the red and black sides of the network

Proven Secure Voice Conferencing for Government Agencies

The REDCOM SVG was developed in partnership with General Dynamics Mission Systems. REDCOM provides the call control and conferencing capabilities, while the General Dynamics Sectéra® vIPer™ phones provide the ACC-compliant Type 1 encryption. REDCOM SVG systems are already deployed within multiple Federal agencies and proven at the highest levels of government.

How the REDCOM SVG works

A REDCOM SVG system consists of one or more REDCOM Sigma® SVG-1200 units and a series of standard production General Dynamics Sectéra vIPer phones. Each REDCOM SVG-1200 can interface with up to 12 vIPer phones, which act as voice encryptors for TDM or VoIP voice networks. The encryptors allow any line, trunk, or conference port to conduct secure voice communications with any SCIP-capable device. If more than 12 secure talk paths are required, multiple SVG-1200 units may be networked together.

Integrated conferencing engine

Sigma SVG-1200 has a built-in conferencing engine for quick and reliable collaboration between red and black networks. Everything is configured through the intuitive web interface, with dynamic, real-time visual representation and management of both audio and video conferences and members across several sites simultaneously. Conferencing features include:

  • Meet-me and preset conferencing with announcement and password options
  • Visual conference member information, such as priority, participation levels, and security status
  • Conference access control by caller ID information or clearance level
  • Flexible member controls, including mute, exclude, drop, and restore
  • Security level knockdown: plays an optional announcement when an attendee with a lower clearance level enters the conference

Powered by REDCOM’s proven Sigma® software

REDCOM Sigma® is an intuitive software-based C2 platform built specifically for the government and military. Sigma powers everything inside the SVG-1200, including call control, conferencing, and transcoding.

  • Integrated voice, video, chat, conferencing, transcoding, and radio interoperability
  • Standards-based, network-agnostic, and interoperable with any SIP-capable endpoint
  • Includes the latest forms of encryption, including Suite B, TLS/SRTP, IPsec, and FIPS 140-2 validation
  • Listed on the DoDIN Approved Products List (APL)

Special SVG Features

  • Auto Re-Key – conducts periodic calls to the National Re-Key facility for your vIPer phones
  • Auto Un-Lock – maintains an unlock state for your vIPer phones
  • MLS (Multi Level Security) – provides traffic separation to contain multi-level security in one system
  • RACCG (REDCOM Automatic Conference Code Generator) – self-provisioning periodic conference code generator (Daily, Weekly, Monthly)
  • MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) – provides calling party’s information (both caller ID and DAO code) to the secure enclave


Learn more about REDCOM SVG

Don’t wait to get your agency ready for ACC compliance! Reach out to the secure voice experts at REDCOM for more information on our Secure Voice Gateway solution.