For Government & Military

REDCOM Conference Manager

Dynamic, real-time management of secure audio conferences

Web-based app that enables operators to easily monitor and control audio conferences, complete with rich attendee information presented visually.

REDCOM Conference Manager

The REDCOM Conference Manager delivers advanced voice and video collaboration tools for secure, critical communications involving a few to thousands of parties in real-time. The Conference Manager is the perfect solution for government agencies, military organizations, and enterprises that need to be able to bring multiple attendees together quickly, securely, and reliably. REDCOM’s conferencing technology is endpoint agnostic, which means it works with any device, including smartphones, desk phones, softphones, and even radios.

Flexible user interface

The REDCOM Conference Manager is a web-based app that runs in any modern browser. The user-focused design enables a single operator to view and control multiple conferences across several sites simultaneously.

  • Progressive disclosure of information. The left pane lists all configured sites. The middle “Conferences” pane reveals active and idle conferences within the selected site. Clicking on a conference then reveals all of the conference participants, including active and past members. The attendant can click on any member for further detailed information on each user.
  • Custom view options. The operator has the option to view attendees as a series of cards in a grid (shown below) or in a compact list view. Conference attendees can be sorted and searched by multiple factors, including name, number, entry time, and precedence level.
  • Pop-up contextual menus. Pop-up menus are available throughout the interface, providing the operator with a quick method of changing the settings on a conference or manipulating individual attendees.
  • Light or dark mode. The operator can choose to run the system in light mode or dark mode to suit the ambient environment.

Unparalleled security

The REDCOM Conference Manager supports multiple levels of access security, flexible conferee screening, and voice encryption to protect confidential discussions and avoid corporate espionage.

  • Secure voice collaboration between any endpoint via TLS/SRTP. A secure talk path is indicated by a green padlock at the top right of each attendee’s card. Conferences in which all participants are using secure talk paths are labeled with a green padlock, indicating the entire conference is secure.
  • Robust access control by user ID, ANI, PIN code, or clearance level.
  • Security level knockdown: plays an optional announcement when an attendee with a lower clearance level enters the conference.
  • Full DISN MLPP support to ensure that the most important calls get through during crisis situations.

Detailed attendee visibility

The REDCOM Conference Manager makes the following information about each attendee instantly available to the operator via icons on the attendee’s card:

  • Security clearance level
  • Talk path encryption
  • Participation level (including full, excluded, muted, or talk only)
  • Video indicators
  • Talking status (including loudest talker)
  • Precedence level
  • Request for attention

Conference management functions

The REDCOM Conference Manager makes it easy for an operator to monitor and control all aspects of multiple conferences in real time. The operator has the following abilities:

  • Quick access to important contacts via a built-in phone book
  • Add attendees via phone book, dialer, or by pulling in recent members
  • Initiate a conference
  • Join or split active conferences
  • Create a sub-conference from selected members
  • Move users to a new conference by drag and drop
  • Access to common functions via a toolbar at the top of the screen

Powerful attendee control

The operator has full control over individual conference members, with the following capabilities:

  • Mute attendee
  • Temporarily exclude attendee from hearing audio
  • Monitor attendee’s audio path
  • Private two-way consultation with attendee
  • Move attendee to a conference or subconference
  • Drop attendee from the conference
  • Drag and drop an attendee into another conference
  • Operator video switching

Selectable Video Conferencing

REDCOM’s Selectable Video Conferencing feature is designed for use at the tactical edge and in disaster response scenarios. In chaotic, congested, or contested environments, bandwidth limitations can severely impact the amount of data that can be transmitted.

  • Sigma can broadcast a single video stream to multiple endpoints.
  • There are two methods of video stream control:
    • Attendant-based switching using the REDCOM Conference Manager
    • Automatic Selectable Video: useful for conferences that do not have an active operator