Maximize Equipment Performance with Training from the Telecom Experts

REDCOM training courses provide in-depth training on REDCOM products, which help our customers to maximize and maintain their network.  Dedicated REDCOM training courses can be scheduled on an individual basis at either the customer’s site or REDCOM’s headquarters in Victor, NY. REDCOM also offers regularly scheduled training classes for individual students at our headquarters in Victor, NY. Please contact REDCOM for a class schedule.

REDCOM training courses are scheduled on an individual basis after commitment for payment is received. Payment may be in a form of a purchase order or credit card number. REDCOM also offers the option to customize a course to your specific needs. Contact REDCOM to discuss these options.

Primary Courses Include:

  • REDCOM Sigma® General Operations
  • REDCOM Sigma® Basic Course
  • HDX General Operations and Maintenance for Commercial or Government/Defense customers
  • SLICE® family of products General Operations and Maintenance for Commercial or Government/Defense customers (includes training for REDCOM SLICE®, SLICE® 2100™, SLICE® IP, SLICE® IP Micro, and SLICE® 2100™ Micro)

REDCOM Training

REDCOM Sigma® Courses:

The 3-day REDCOM Sigma® Basic Course covers the following:

  • Initial configurations
  • System navigation
  • Managing users, lines, translators, announcements, and trunks
  • Report generation
  • Database management
  • Tenant site management

The one-week General Operations course includes the above topics, as well as the following:

  • AS-SIP
  • Conferencing
  • System Security (HTTPS and TLS Configuration)
  • Hunt Groups
  • Modes
  • System monitoring and troubleshooting
  • XMPP

REDCOM HDX and SLICE® Courses:

Each two-week HDX and SLICE® General Operations and Maintenance Course covers:

  • Installation
  • Hardware Configuration
  • System Administration
  • Digit Translations
  • Maintenance and Troubleshooting
  • DSN Configurations including database considerations (Government & Defense)