REDCOM enhances mobile battlefield communications

Today’s near-peer adversaries are well-equipped with technology that limits the opportunity for large logistic footprints and long build-ups. To prepare for future engagement, military forces will require an outbound expeditionary posture.

Future operating concepts show that mobility and distributed forces are critical, particularly when engaged in the littorals where expeditionary operations need a significant amount of surface lift. Forces need to be light and fast with communications that work even in DIL (disconnected, intermittent, or limited bandwidth) environments.

Interoperability in all environments

REDCOM hardware and software platforms are uniquely designed for the expeditionary environment. They are built with an emphasis on interoperability for a Coalition or Joint approach while incorporating security features and attributes from start to finish.

Expeditionary communications are also used by Humanitarian/Disaster Relief organizations that respond to crisis circumstances using rapidly-deployed human resources. First Responders deal with this daily. Large, cross-organizational communications are critical, as well as the ability to quickly interoperate with regional agencies with the capabilities needed for specific requirements.

REDCOM systems are capable of leveraging any available architecture — from modern IP and radio networks to TDM and analog connections. This includes host nation or organic communication paths associated with specific geography.

Rapid setup and teardown

Going from one littoral to another is a challenging effort. Sustaining lines of communication while on the move is imperative to the success of warfighters in any domain.

REDCOM systems thrive in the shoot, move, communicate environment. Our low SWaP (size, weight, and power) platforms are resilient to hard shutdowns and power up extremely fast. Communications can be fully operational within minutes, enabling warfighters to secure a tactical advantage by maintaining mobility at all times.

Ease of use

As technology gets more sophisticated, inevitably it gets harder to use. However, complex systems have no place in dynamic and chaotic environments where every second counts. Warfighters need to be able to sustain critical command and control functions without the luxury of IT support.

REDCOM built our Sigma software with today’s warfighter in mind. Sigma’s graphical user interface (GUI) is intuitive and easy to use. Incidental users or administrators can be trained in minutes. This allows the military to further improve its force design by allowing for smaller geographically dispersed teams without extra field service representatives.