Bridging communications technology

Disasters and crime do not respect boundaries or jurisdictions. Therefore, our public safety infrastructure must be flexible and adaptable to changing conditions. Neighboring agencies cannot continue to operate on islands and leave incident commanders or responders to overcome communication challenges in the crisis phase of a response. This has set us up for failure time and time again.

REDCOM solutions span the gap between disparate systems and allow for unlimited interoperability between disparate technologies. This unique level of flexibility boosts agency and first responder effectiveness by enabling multiple means of communicating, all without the need for additional equipment. The need to rip and replace is no longer an issue with our products.

Overcoming Interoperability Problems

Public safety organizations often face communications interoperability challenges when arriving at the scene of an incident. A single emergency event might involve multiple departments with entirely different radios and endpoints, preventing these agencies from communicating with each other. In these chaotic situations complexity in communications or technology can lead to disaster. REDCOM solves these interoperability problems with Sigma XRI, a low-SWaP, intelligent C2 platform with a RoIP gateway and IP communications control.

REDCOM Sigma XRI is more than just a basic radio gateway. Because XRI is powered by Sigma, REDCOM enhances radio interoperability with powerful communications tools for Command and Control (C2) of any and all IP endpoints. Connect Sigma XRI to satellite communications, LTE networks, wired or wireless IP in any form, and the platform will provide emergency responders and public safety officials with a complete, integrated comms platform in any environment.


Intelligent Radio Gateway - bridge radio nets with REDCOM Sigma XRI