Encrypted. Tested. Validated.

At REDCOM we believe security cannot be achieved through a “bolted on” approach. This is why we build security into all of our products from the start. A strong code base designed with security in mind forms the foundation for all of our military-grade solutions.

REDCOM solutions are:

  • Standards-based. REDCOM builds our products to industry standards, which ensures interoperability with a variety of transmission paths, gateways, and endpoints. Users are never locked into proprietary end instruments.
  • Encrypted. We invest in the latest forms of encryption, including Suite B, TLS/SRTP, and IPsec. We also allocate significant R&D efforts towards the development of next-generation encryption and authentication technologies.
  • Compliant. REDCOM maintains compliance with numerous DISA and NIAP requirements.
  • Tested. REDCOM meets stringent session controller functionality and interoperability requirements as defined in the Unified Capabilities Requirements (UCR). We rigorously tests our products with the Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) to ensure our solutions remain on the DoDIN Approved Products List.
  • Validated. REDCOM products such as REDCOM Sigma® and the REDCOM Secure Client for Android have passed FIPS 140-2 validation testing, meaning that we can provide standardized, secure solutions for government agencies by appropriately handling SBU data.

Hardware and software built for resiliency

REDCOM’s integrated approach to product design delivers mission-critical command and control functionality that offsets cybersecurity concerns while enhancing network resiliency. REDCOM solutions are:

  • Built for survivability in the field. If the IP-based network is compromised, REDCOM technology allows the sustainment of command and control functions by merely falling back to legacy networks. This level of redundancy allows for the continuity of operations in the limited, intermittent, or denied communication environments.
  • Resilient to hard shut-downs. REDCOM systems do not require the operator to “save” the work before shutting down, which makes our systems resilient to hard or unexpected power-off.
  • Quick to boot up. REDCOM platforms feature extremely rapid boot times. These factors make REDCOM technology ideally suited for tactical deployments and are directly aligned with the DoD’s strategy to become more agile.
  • Hardened. REDCOM solutions can employ “hardened” components that meet the rigors of harsh tactical environments.

Intuitive and easy to use

At REDCOM, we understand that the less users have to think about technology, the more time they have to accomplish their mission. When a national emergency occurs, users do not have the luxury of time to contact tech support or wait for field service reps to resolve issues.

The key to a superior user interface is ‘Human-Centered Design’ which puts the user and their specific needs at the center of every interface. Using this design philosophy, every choice we make as we develop our software requires us to investigate and open up the lines of communication between our team of designers, engineers, and testers. REDCOM actually conducts one-on-one interviews with our end users to seek their input about ways to improve our interfaces and make their lives easier.

REDCOM solutions are:

  • Extremely easy to learn. Specialized certifications are not required to get up and running with REDCOM products. Users can learn to configure and operate our hardware and software with very little training.
  • Designed for serious government use. Our software’s web-based interface was designed specifically with government users in mind. It is easy to navigate, highly customizable, and quick to set up.
  • Built around one unified platform. REDCOM software provides one intuitive interface for managing all your comms. Because REDCOM built Sigma on open standards, it supports the technology fielded today while enabling the rapid integration of new solutions as they become available.