REDCOM began in 1978 when my parents, Klaus and Brigitte Gueldenpfennig — together with several talented engineers — left Stromberg Carlson to found a company focused on meeting the needs of customers that were often neglected or ignored by rival incumbents.

For 40 years, REDCOM has managed to thrive in a highly competitive, ever-changing industry. While the company continues to evolve, the underdog mentality from our roots is still an integral part of our DNA. Our dedication to R&D, coupled with outstanding customer service, is what allows us to capture and retain customers that span the globe, from service providers in America’s heartland to all branches of the military and the highest levels of government.

I took over the helm of the company in 2017, and I couldn’t be more excited about our future. Together with an experienced new leadership team, I am excited to lead REDCOM towards many more decades of success.

Dinah Gueldenpfennig Weisberg - REDCOM President & CEO