Recap of REDCOM at TSOA-ID

April 20, 2022

On March 15th REDCOM participated in the Tri-Services Open Architecture Interoperability Demonstration (TSOA-ID). REDCOM demonstrated the latest evolution of the REDCOM Sigma ® C2 platform to industry partners and Army, Navy, and Air Force Open Architecture (OA) teams.

With REDCOM Sigma deployed on multiple platforms at TSOA-ID, REDCOM successfully demonstrated robust interoperability across platforms, networks, and waveforms.

REDCOM Sigma C2 software was running on a Spectranetix chassis during the event. REDCOM Sigma XRI-400 was connected to the Spectranetix system with the new REDCOM C2 Console for monitoring and controlling all comms — on both IP and RF networks — between the two systems. The C2 Console includes enhanced TSM interoperability to manage multiple talk groups simultaneously through a single TrellisWare TSM gateway radio.

REDCOM technology was also utilized in a demo in the Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions booth. Curtiss-Wright had REDCOM Sigma installed in a virtual environment running on a SOSA-aligned VPX3-1260 single board computer in their chassis, along with the REDCOM Secure Client and a REDCOM Sigma XRI for radio interoperability.

“CMOSS is an evolving standard, and we are committed to building out the architecture as part of the SOSA™ Consortium. Our Sigma platform is well-positioned to be the core C2 platform on CMOSS for voice, video, and chat,” said Mike Gates, Director of Solutions Engineering, REDCOM. “It’s important to realize, though, that a CMOSS implementation will still take time, and interoperability will always be a concern. That’s why our Sigma software and Sigma XRI hardware will be so important during the transition to an Open Systems Architecture. These platforms are available today and help pave the way to a CMOSS future.”

For more details on REDCOM Sigma and Sigma XRI, view the product briefs or contact a REDCOM solution advisor for a demo.