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DISA APL Listed Command & Control Software Platform

REDCOM Sigma enables powerful C2 capabilities in a single platform while reducing costs, simplifying the network, and improving operational tempo for forces at the tactical edge.

REDCOM Sigma C2 Software

Unified C2 platform

REDCOM Sigma takes formerly disparate hardware and software components and combines them into a lightweight, unified software instance. This provides tactical users with just one platform to buy, configure, deploy, and train on, greatly reducing complexity, cutting costs, and boosting operational flexibility.

Sigma can perform the following functions in a single lightweight software instance:

  • Voice
  • Video
  • Chat
  • Transcoding
  • Conferencing
  • Console
  • Radio interop (with native support for TSM talk groups)

Sophisticated simplicity

As more technology gets pushed down to the tactical edge, there is a corresponding increase in complexity and risk. At REDCOM we prefer the sophisticated simplicity approach. This means our software is designed from the start to be intuitive and seamless, making it easy for warfighters to learn, memorize, and understand the software.

New users can be trained on Sigma in hours or days — not weeks. Not only does this drastically reduce training costs, but it also improves the tooth-to-tail ratio (T3R) by enabling the team on hand to confidently implement, operate, and maintain core C2 functions without the need for IT specialists or field service reps.

Military-grade software

Designed for shoot, move, communicate operations, REDCOM built Sigma from the ground up to meet the demanding requirements of today’s mobile warfighter. With Sigma as your core C2 platform, no matter where you go communications can be fully operational within minutes, enabling expeditionary forces to secure a tactical advantage by maintaining mobility at all times.

  • Powers up in a minute.
  • Resilient to hard shutdowns.
  • No rip and replace — interoperates with legacy or existing technology including handsets and gateways from multiple vendors.
  • Enables warfighters to pivot to new C2 tech quickly and efficiently.

Integrated C2 Console

The REDCOM Sigma C2 Console provides warfighters with a unified interface for monitoring and controlling all IP and RF comms on the C2 network.

  • Listen to any conversation across multiple devices and talk groups.
  • Build patches on-the-fly simply by dragging and dropping connections together.
  • Agnostic to the underlying platform, the waveform, and the transmission path itself.
  • TSM talk groups can be added as connections in the C2 Console app. Each TSM talk group can be bridged together with other TSM talk groups, radio nets, and SIP endpoints.

Interoperable with TSM mesh networks

The TrellisWare® TSM™ Waveform is an advanced infrastructure-less, non-routing Mobile Ad Hoc Network (MANET) technology ideal for congested and contested environments. The TSM waveform has been deployed worldwide in highly challenging tactical environments, supporting U.S. and coalition partners in various critical missions.

REDCOM Sigma 3.1 introduces integrated support for radio talk groups on a TrellisWare® TSM™ network. This effectively extends voice talk groups beyond the TSM network by linking TSM talk groups with the rest of the C2 network

A simple IP connection to a TrellisWare gateway radio followed by a quick setup in Sigma is all that is required, providing Sigma with access to all of the talk groups on a TSM mesh network. Because each talk group is a virtual radio network, Sigma treats each talk group as its own independent radio net. This greatly reduces radio requirements at the tactical edge.

Video optimized for the tactical edge

With REDCOM Sigma, tactical units can greatly reduce the amount of equipment, bandwidth, and cost associated with traditional VTC capability. Sigma’s Selectable Video Conferencing feature is built specifically to meet the CONOPS at the tactical edge and in disaster response scenarios.

In chaotic, congested, or contested environments, bandwidth limitations can severely impact the amount of data that can be transmitted. With REDCOM’s lightweight implementation of selectable video, Sigma can broadcast a single video stream to multiple endpoints. Video streams can be controlled by an operator, or can automatically switch based on priority or active speaker.

REDCOM is a Poly US Federal/NATO Solution Advisor

REDCOM Sigma is standards-based, so it works with end instruments from just about any vendor. But if you’re looking for the complete solution, we recommend Poly. REDCOM is authorized to resell the entire suite of Poly VVX and Trio phones.

As of November 2018, Poly has successfully completed JITC AS-SIP EI testing for the first time and is now fully certified with REDCOM Sigma®, which has been carefully evaluated for cybersecurity (CS) and interoperability (IO) and have been placed on the DoDIN Approved Product List and certified for use as Local Session Controllers (LSC).

Full testing was conducted with the Poly VVX and Trio end instruments. The Poly devices, in conjunction with REDCOM hardware and software, are all certified for AS-SIP. REDCOM Sigma is currently the only Local Session Controller that is fully certified for MLPP using Poly VVX end instruments.