With products installed in over 50 countries across six continents, REDCOM’s customer engineering & support organization provides world-class professional services and technical support, leading the industry in customer satisfaction. 

When you call REDCOM’s customer service, you get to speak directly with Tier 2 Support Engineers. We have no IVR-circles or foreign call centers so we can assess your situation quickly and efficiently. Our service and support team is based at our corporate headquarters in Victor, NY, where we maintain an extensive knowledge center and user documentation.  

The REDCOM Solutions Architect Team is always here to help.

8:15am - 5:00pm Tech Support Help Line Eastern Standard Time (EST)

Call: +1.585.924.6500
Email: service@redcom.com

Emergency Service
After hours | Weekends | Holidays

REDCOM equipment is world-renowned for its exceptional reliability, even in the most challenging environments, requiring very little attention and service. On the rare occasion that service is required, our support staff are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.  

Tech Support Options

REDCOM offers a Technical Support Help Line during business hours under our Limited and Extended Warranty Programs, Software Maintenance & Support Program, or Sigma® Support Plan. For items not covered under one of these plans, or after these plans expire, REDCOM offers a Technical Support Help Line on a fee basis. REDCOM also offers on-site technical assistance on a time, expense, and material basis. 

Tech Support Time Targets

When you call REDCOM for support, you will be connected directly with our Tier 2 support engineers and specialists. REDCOM will use commercially reasonable efforts to perform technical support. Our time targets for responding to requests for support are one hour for service-affecting issues and one business day for all other issues. 


REDCOM provides a 12-month Limited Warranty standard with our equipment. We also offer an optional Extended Warranty for up to five years. These comprehensive Warranties with world-class customer support are designed to meet your precise needs, no matter the situation. 

Easy Installation and Setup

While we offer professional setup on request, REDCOM systems are delivered pre-programmed and operational within seconds of power-up. Everything will be working once your system is powered up and the connections are made. When it comes to Operations, Administration, and Maintenance (OA&M), REDCOM systems are designed to be easy to use while remaining incredibly flexible. 

You guys ROCK!!! If you ever need a reference for potential new customers, PLEASE give me the opportunity to let them know what a fantastic company REDCOM is – top quality product and world-class, stellar customer service!

Tim Wilhelm - Stelle Telephone Company