Complete C2 comms for the CMOSS environment

REDCOM’s Sigma® software provides CMOSS/SOSA users the ability to configure, manage, and control their C2 communication capabilities — including VoIP, video, chat, and radio interoperability — directly through an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. REDCOM Sigma is a low SWaP software platform that can be loaded onto a single board computer module and dropped into any CMOSS/SOSA chassis. REDCOM has already tested and proven its ability to work in such an environment at the Open Innovation Lab (OIL) and TSOA-ID in March 2022. REDCOM has a 40+ year history leveraging modular concepts and implementing open standards and standards-based protocols.

Reducing complexity through brilliance in the basics

The current systems in place are too big, too complex, and too siloed, which leads to severe operational insufficiencies. REDCOM Sigma solves these issues by eliminating stovepipes, improving interoperability, and simplifying the C2 network.

Full adoption of CMOSS could still be years away, but investing in REDCOM Sigma today is a smart move, as it paves the way towards a CMOSS future. Sigma provides a bridge between new CMOSS components and existing legacy components, easing the migration to future technology and keeping costs low.

A single pane of glass for all C2 comms

REDCOM Sigma C2 Console is a powerful app that provides operators with a single pane of glass to monitor and control all communications within the tactical C2 network, including both SIP and radio endpoints. The REDCOM C2 Console is browser-based and runs on any PC, laptop, or tablet. The C2 console has the following benefits:

  • Unified interface for controlling all IP and RF comms, including TSM talk groups
  • Instantly patch together disparate endpoints
  • Operators can communicate (listen/talk) to any connection
  • Optimized UX built for warfighters at the tactical edge
  • Drastically reduces cost, infrastructure, & complexity

TSM integration in a CMOSS architecture

The TrellisWare TSM waveform was the first comm card waveform requirement for the Open System Architecture. The TrellisWare® TSM™ MANET waveform provides transport of voice, data, and position information over a wide range of frequencies in the UHF/L/S bands without requiring additional infrastructure.

REDCOM Sigma 3.1, released in May 2022, introduces a unique capability through direct integration with the TSM waveform. Through a single TrellisWare gateway radio or CMOSS TSM comm card, REDCOM Sigma can simultaneously access all 32 talk groups available within a single TSM network and then monitor, talk to, or patch together any of those talk groups from a single interface. REDCOM Sigma can even take the comms available within CMOSS today and bridge them to disparate radios, waveforms, and devices that will still be on the battlefield for years to come. When more waveforms are integrated into the CMOSS architecture, REDCOM can provide interop between cards and between systems with less manipulation from the user.