Use Case | Tactical Communications

Connecting Disparate PACE Plans


REDCOM Sigma XRI can deliver communications solutions for units at the tactical edge with incompatible communications systems.     

The Challenges 

In joint coalition operations, units may not be able to communicate directly with each other. This can happen for numerous reasons; however, the most common reason is incompatible devices. Coalition members may not all have access to the same technology, and certain modes of communication may be unavailable due to outside influence or planning errors resulting in technology not being brought on the mission. These issues limit the efficiency of PACE plans, as units may only have one or two compatible communications systems instead of four.    

The Current Solution 

There are two common solutions to this issue. The first is to have units assign warfighters to act as liaison officers or representatives (LNOs). The second is to pass all communications through their respective (Command Posts (CPs)).   


Solution 1: While this does prevent Service Members from carrying additional equipment, it means warfighters have to leave their organic units, creating additional steps in the solution, and possibly affecting morale and interpersonal communication abilities. 

Solution 2: This solution is extremely inefficient because the information has to travel through four points which can take more time than is available. Additionally, if PACE plans are not fully aligned, communication can be even slower, or impossible.  

The REDCOM Solution

Through the XRI, the incompatible systems can be linked together, allowing units direct communication without using LNOs and solving the issue of misaligned PACE plans. By storing the XRI-400 in the Command Post or Operations Center units do not have to carry additional equipment, and operators in the Command Post or Operations Center do not have to relay messages, increasing operational efficiency. This also allows coalition members to have direct communication without rip-and-replacing their current systems or utilizing expensive third-party programs.   


About the XRI-400

REDCOM’s Sigma XRI-400 is a compact but powerful Command and Control platform that solves these interoperability and connectivity challenges by leveraging existing assets and endpoints. The XRI-400 instantly connects radio networks, LTE, VoIP, SATCOM, and more, providing reliable communications in any scenario.

The XRI integrates with existing military equipment without the hassle of a long and convoluted setup process. Because Sigma XRI-400 is a full-featured C2 platform, radio users can communicate directly with users on other radio nets, TSM networks, and SIP endpoints (such as mobile devices and desk phones).