Use Case | Radio Interop

Leveraging Legacy Infrastructure in DIL Environments


For scenarios where all wireless communications have been severed, the XRI-400 with the FXO adapter can be utilized as a part of a PACE plan. This adapter and the XRI-400 can crossband radio networks with the landline hardware, establishing a connection between units and the Operation Center.   

The Challenges 

In urban warfare scenarios, communication networks are likely to break down, whether wireless infrastructure is destroyed or through jamming, intentional or environmental. Buildings, bridges, and other large, high-density metal structures can block radio signals, Wi-Fi, and satellite communications. In these cases, viable options include manually delivering messages and utilizing landline hardware to establish a connection. 

The Current Solution 

In 2002 during Operation Enduring Freedom, Marines deployed in Kandahar, Afghanistan. SSgt Dennis Lalena and the other Marines comprising the JTF Enabler attachment were tasked with providing telephone, secure, and unclassified e-mail services and other communications for more than 3,600 U.S. and coalition armed forces. SSgt Lalena and his troops tapped into a building’s existing infrastructure. Using existing internet and landline wires saved time, effort, and resources without compromising operational integrity. 

In a story recounted in Mark Adkins’ book Urgent Fury: The Battle for Grenada, and James Carabatsos’ “Heartbreak Ridge”, a US Army paratrooper used a pay phone on the island of Grenada to get in contact with air support through commercial lines as all other forms of communication had failed. 

The REDCOM Solution

For situations like Operation Enduring Freedom, where units have access to secure locations with functional infrastructure, the XRI-400 and the FXO adapter can easily establish multiple lines of communication with little to no effort. This method requires less field wire and no extra equipment (excluding the XRI-400 and adapter). If a laptop with Sigma C2 Console installed is present, an operator can create persistent patches to organize communications vertically and adjacently. 

Sigma XRI With FXO Adapter