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Small form factor C2 platform

The Sigma XRI® product family consists of small form factor C2 platforms designed for all echelons of the tactical environment, delivering voice, video, chat, and radio in a single, low SWaP box.


Sigma XRI-400

Intelligent radio interoperability

Working with Non-Government Organizations (NGO), Joint, and/or Coalition forces presents unique challenges due to the varying signal and communications paths employed by each entity. By connecting up to four donor radios directly to the XRI hardware, warfighters can instantly bridge the gap between disparate radio networks, endpoints, or frequencies, allowing for seamless communications between Joint and Coalition forces.

Sigma XRI supports Radio Over IP (RoIP), allowing radio users to communicate directly with users on any SIP end device (e.g. SATCOM, softphones, VoIP phones). Radio nets can even be bridged with other radio nets and TSM talk groups on a TSM mesh network.

  • Features 4 built-in analog audio interfaces.
  • Agnostic to radio make, model, encryption, and waveform.
  • Works with virtually any public safety or tactical radio.
  • Communicate seamlessly over multiple nets, including VHF, UHF, HF, SATCOM, and TSM.
  • Configurable PTT signaling modes per port and per caller.
  • Supports patches, dialed calls, and independent monitoring.

Resilient & future-proof design 

Designed for shoot, move, communicate operations, Sigma XRI was developed to be robust, resilient, and future-proof. The flexible nature of REDCOM Sigma XRI also allows for the use of various mediums in order to pass mission-critical information to any user. Communications can be fully operational within minutes, enabling expeditionary forces to secure a tactical advantage by maintaining mobility at all times.

  • Powers up in less than two minutes.
  • Resilient to hard shutdowns.
  • Built to MIL-STD specs.
  • No rip and replace — interoperates with legacy or existing technology.
  • Enables warfighters to pivot to new C2 tech quickly and efficiently.

Support for various C2 ecosystems

Unit leaders need a command and control suite that provides consistent access to mission-critical information in order to ensure continuity of operations, maneuverability, and superiority within the battlespace. REDCOM Sigma XRI is designed to maintain situational awareness for troop and equipment maneuverability in any contested environment via any means.

  • Gives the warfighter flexibility to connect to other communications infrastructure.
  • Provides warfighters with a C2 platform (voice, video, chat) for lower echelons that does not rely on higher HQ.
  • Enables stand-alone comms in DIL (disconnected, intermittent, and limited) environments.
  • Providers warfighters with the ability to interoperate in the CJADC2 (Combined Joint All Domain Command & Control) theater.

Improves tooth-to-tail ratio 

REDCOM Sigma XRI enables warfighters to sustain lines of communication while on-the move without getting bogged down by gear. The small form factor and low power requirements of the Sigma XRI allow it to be deployed to the tactical edge in a backpack, on a vehicle, or on aerial assets. This is particularly valuable in forward-deployed scenarios where resources are limited and soldiers must be as light as possible.

  • Solves Coalition and Joint interoperability challenges — connecting radios to Sigma XRI reduces the need for liaison officers.
  • Small and light enough to be mounted in a vehicle, pack, or hand-carried
  • Flexible and scalable — a single XRI supports IP phones, radios, Android™ & Windows® clients.

Powered by REDCOM Sigma®

The REDCOM XRI-400 is powered by REDCOM Sigma®, the C2 platform of choice for multiple programs within the United States Army PEO C3T.

  • Admin platform built for today’s warfighter
  • Built-in conferencing engine and web-based conference manager for joining IP phones and radios.
  • Lightweight selectable video conferencing is ideal for chaotic, congested, or contested environments
  • Evaluated for Cybersecurity (CS) and Interoperability (IO) by JITC and on the DoDIN Approved Products List.

Brilliance in the Basics

Whether you’re in a network operations center or at the tactical edge, technology must be easy to use. The XRI-400 is powered by REDCOM’s proven Sigma software platform, which features a user interface sintuitive and easy to operate that new users can be trained and up to speed in minutes or hours — not days or weeks.

  • Reduces lifecycle costs and overall network footprint
  • Reduces complexity required to install, operate, and maintain comms
  • Reduces the need for IT experts or field service reps

Interoperable with TSM MANET networks

Sigma XRI supports native interoperability with all of the talk groups on a TSM network. The TSM Waveform is rapidly being adopted by the military due to its reliability in harsh RF environments such as subterranean tunnels or in and around urban buildings. TSM has been deployed worldwide in highly challenging tactical environments and is a threshold requirement for the U.S. Army and SOCOM.

Details of TSM interoperability on Sigma XRI:

  • IP-based integration of individual talk groups on a TSM MANET network via a single gateway TrellisWare TSM radio
  • Support for up to 32 talk groups configured on the TSM network
  • Sigma XRI treats each talk group as its own independent radio net
  • TSM talk groups can be bridged together with other TSM talk groups, SIP endpoints, and any of the 4 radio nets connected to the XRI

Multiple platform options to suit the mission

With its modular and flexible design, Sigma XRI can drop into any network architecture. Multiple XRI configurations are available to match your deployment scenario:

Sigma XRI-400

A purpose-built MIL-spec compute platform with integrated radio interop. Measures 8.4 x 5.75 x 2.6 in and weighs just 2.6 lbs. Can integrate into any tactical network.

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Sigma XRI-M4K

A module for the Klas Voyager platform, bringing all the power of REDCOM Sigma, C2 interoperability, and radio crossbanding to existing Voyager systems.

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PacStar 421 Module with XRI

A module for PacStar systems from Curtiss-Wright. Delivers all the power of Sigma XRI in a PacStar 400-series tactical computing module.

PacStar 421 RoIP module with REDCOM Sigma XRI

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Introduction to XRI

XRI Interoperability Demo