For Public Safety

REDCOM Sigma® XRI-400

Small form factor C2 platform

Voice, video, chat, and radio interoperability in a low-SWaP ruggedized box for all echelons of the tactical environment.

REDCOM Sigma® XRI-400

Intelligent radio interoperability

Working with Non-Government Organizations (NGO), Joint, and/or Coalition forces presents unique challenges due to the varying signal and communications paths employed by each entity. By connecting up to four donor radios directly to the XRI-400, warfighters can instantly bridge the gap between disparate radio networks, endpoints, or frequencies, allowing for seamless communications between Joint and Coalition forces. Additionally, Sigma XRI-400 allows radio users to communicate directly with users on any SIP end device (e.g. SATCOM, VoIP phones) and can even participate in voice conferences.

  • Features 4 built-in analog audio interfaces.
  • Agnostic to radio make, model, encryption, and waveform.
  • Works with virtually any public safety or tactical radio.
  • Communicate seamlessly over multiple nets, including VHF, UHF, HF, and SATCOM.
  • Configurable PTT signaling modes per port and per caller.
  • Supports patches, dialed calls, and independent monitoring.

Resilient & future-proof design 

Designed for shoot, move, communicate operations, Sigma XRI-400 was developed to be robust, resilient, and future-proof. The flexible nature of REDCOM Sigma XRI-400 also allows for the use of various mediums in order to pass mission-critical information to any user. Communications can be fully operational within minutes, enabling expeditionary forces to secure a tactical advantage by maintaining mobility at all times.

  • Powers up in a minute.
  • Resilient to hard shutdowns.
  • Built to MIL-STD specs.
  • No rip and replace — interoperates with legacy or existing technology.
  • Enables warfighters to pivot to new C2 tech quickly and efficiently.

Support for various C2 ecosystems

Unit leaders need a command and control suite that provides consistent access to mission-critical information in order to ensure continuity of operations, maneuverability, and superiority within the battlespace. REDCOM Sigma XRI-400 is designed to maintain situational awareness for troop and equipment maneuverability in any contested environment via any means.

  • Gives the warfighter flexibility to connect to other communications infrastructure.
  • Provides warfighters with a C2 platform (voice, video, chat) for lower echelons that does not rely on higher HQ.
  • Enables stand-alone comms in DIL (disconnected, intermittent, and limited) environments.
  • Providers warfighters with the ability to interoperate in the CJADC2 (Combined Joint All Domain Command & Control) theater.

Improves tooth-to-tail ratio 

REDCOM Sigma XRI-400 enables warfighters to sustain lines of communication while on-the move without getting bogged down by gear. The small form factor and low power requirements of the Sigma XRI-400 allow it to be deployed to the tactical edge in a backpack, on a vehicle, or on aerial assets. This is particularly valuable in forward-deployed scenarios where resources are limited and soldiers must be as light as possible.

  • Solves Coalition and Joint interoperability challenges — connecting radios to Sigma XRI-400 reduces the need for liaison officers.
  • Small and light enough to be mounted in a vehicle, pack, or hand-carried
  • Flexible and scalable — a single XRI-400 supports IP phones, radios, Android™ & Windows® clients.

Powered by REDCOM Sigma®

The REDCOM XRI-400 is powered by REDCOM Sigma®, the C2 platform of choice for multiple programs within the United States Army PEO C3T.

  • Admin platform built for today’s warfighter
  • Built-in conferencing engine and web-based conference manager for joining IP phones and radios.
  • Lightweight selectable video conferencing is ideal for chaotic, congested, or contested environments
  • Evaluated for Cybersecurity (CS) and Interoperability (IO) by JITC and on the DoDIN Approved Products List.

Brilliance in the Basics

Whether you’re in a network operations center or at the tactical edge, technology must be easy to use. The XRI-400 is powered by REDCOM’s proven Sigma software platform, which features a user interface sintuitive and easy to operate that new users can be trained and up to speed in minutes or hours — not days or weeks.

  • Reduces lifecycle costs and overall network footprint
  • Reduces complexity required to install, operate, and maintain comms
  • Reduces the need for IT experts or field service reps