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REDCOM Joins The Open Group Sensor Open Systems Architecture™ (SOSA) Consortium

January 4, 2022

REDCOM is proud to announce the company has joined The Open Group SOSA™ Consortium, a vendor-neutral forum for industry and government to work together with the goal of developing capabilities for modular, open sensor systems.

The SOSA approach will provide an agile and platform-agnostic open systems architecture for multi-intelligence C4ISR systems. The architecture will incorporate both hardware and software components to handle demanding processing and data requirements, ease system upgrades, reduce total cost of ownership, and promote competitive acquisition with minimal system reworks.

Even before joining the SOSA Consortium, REDCOM has always championed a standards-based approach for hardware and software. One of the primary reasons the U.S. Army chose REDCOM Sigma® in 2020 as the C2 platform for its modernization programs is because Sigma is standards-based, transport-agnostic, and interoperable with existing systems. REDCOM Sigma enables warfighters to configure, manage, and control their C2 communication capabilities — including VoIP, video, chat, and radio interoperability — directly through an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

As a member of the SOSA Consortium, REDCOM will continue to drive innovation on the Sigma platform, ultimately positioning Sigma as the single “pane of glass” for all communications within the CMOSS architecture. This will greatly improve interoperability while reducing costs for system integration, training, and sustainment.

The next major event for REDCOM is the Tri-Service Open Architecture Interoperability Demonstration in March. REDCOM was one of the vendors accepted into a very limited group of exhibitors. At the expo, REDCOM will be demonstrating the latest evolution of our Sigma C2 platform to industry partners and Army, Navy, and Air Force teams OA teams.

About the Sensor Open Systems Architecture™ (SOSA) Consortium

The Open Group Sensor Open Systems Architecture™ (SOSA) Consortium aims to create a common framework for transitioning sensor systems to an open systems architecture, based on key interfaces and open standards established by industry-government consensus. The SOSA Consortium enables government and industry to collaboratively develop open standards and best practices to enable, enhance, and accelerate the deployment of affordable, capable, interoperable sensor systems.

For more information about the SOSA Consortium, please visit

About the TSOA-ID

The Tri-Service Open Architecture Interoperability Demonstration (TSOA-ID) is a partnership between the U.S. Army PEO Aviation and CCDC – now known as DEVCOM, the U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command C5ISR, NAVAIR Air Combat Electronics program office PMA-209, and the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC) for the benefit of government, industry and academia who are driving open systems/architectures.

TSOA-ID is focused on Modular Open Systems Approach (MOSA) principles specifically through hardware and software developed to meet open systems standards. This includes the Future Airborne Capability Environment (FACE™), Hardware Open Systems Technologies (HOST), Sensor Open Systems Architecture (SOSA™), and/or CMOSS (C4ISR/EW Modular Open Suite of Standards).

The event(s) typically include a Technical Interchange Meeting with Keynotes, panel discussions and focused presentations plus live demonstrations showing how different open standards work together and the ease of interoperability (exchange of hardware and software modules). Exhibitors participating include select industry partners, the Army, Air Force and Navy.


REDCOM Laboratories, Inc. is a woman-owned small business that specializes in the design and manufacture of advanced tactical and strategic communications solutions with a focus on interoperability, flexibility, and ease of use. REDCOM’s MIL-spec products are optimized for low size, weight, and power (SWaP), making them the ideal communications core for the tactical edge. REDCOM’s customers include all branches of the military, government agencies, emergency responders, integrators, and telecom service providers. For additional information, please visit the REDCOM website at

About The Open Group

The Open Group is a global consortium that enables the achievement of business objectives through technology standards. Our diverse membership of more than 850 organizations includes customers, systems and solutions suppliers, tool vendors, integrators, academics, and consultants across multiple industries. More information can be found at and