REDCOM receives contract from the U.S. Army’s PEO C3T for network modernization

August 4, 2020

REDCOM Laboratories, Inc., the leading supplier of advanced communications solutions for the tactical edge, has been awarded a contract for the US Army’s Program Executive Office Command, Control, Communications-Tactical (PEO C3T). The five-year contract, which is being ordered through NexTech Solutions LLC, is valued at $31.9 million and includes licenses for REDCOM® Sigma® call control software and associated support contracts.

The objective of the Army’s network modernization program is to simplify the network incrementally. To do this, the Army is adopting hardware and software that streamline network initialization and management while also increasing capabilities. This endeavor will allow the Army to establish a network that is expeditionary, mobile, hardened, and simple.

The U.S. Army selected REDCOM Sigma® for these network modernization efforts due to the software’s small footprint, intuitive interface, resilient architecture, ability to interoperate with existing devices, and simple licensing model.

REDCOM Sigma® is a software-based C2 platform designed to increase the warfighter’s operational flexibility while reducing size, weight, and power (SWaP) requirements and cutting deployment times. Sigma includes voice, video, chat, call control, conferencing, and transcoding in a single installation. Designed specifically for government and military users, REDCOM Sigma is based on open standards with a focus on interoperability, flexibility, and resiliency, and is listed on the DoDIN Approved Products List (APL).

“The U.S. Army selected REDCOM because of our flexibility as an organization. We can design, engineer, manufacture, and support our solutions in one location, and we can meet emerging requirements faster than our competitors,” said Dinah Weisberg, President & CEO, REDCOM.

REDCOM’s VP of Strategy Mike Sweeney expands on this sentiment: “By selecting REDCOM, the Army instantly improves its operational flexibility at the tactical edge and reduces its overall footprint. REDCOM solutions align to the Army’s future operating requirements, allowing them to quickly integrate new technology while maintaining support for legacy infrastructure.”

“REDCOM has a history of responsiveness to the needs of premier customers such as the U.S. Army,” said Chris Hasenauer, Chief Operating Officer, REDCOM. “We worked closely with the Army Program Office to receive requirements during early evaluations. We were able to respond quickly with software development, interoperability testing, and validation, and met every milestone set by the Program Office. This exemplifies not only our responsiveness as an organization, but also the dedication to our customers.”

The contract will see REDCOM software deployed to numerous product managers within Project Manager Tactical Networks (PM TN). Under PdM Mission Network, REDCOM Sigma® is part of the Network Integration Technical Enhancement (NITE) modernization effort that will refresh the Army’s fielded Tactical Network Transport – At-The-Halt (TNT-ATH) equipment and be received by four infantry brigade combat teams starting next year. Supporting the Army’s Capability Set 23 efforts to provide on-the-move (OTM) network connectivity to armored brigade combat teams (ABCTs) REDCOM Sigma is included in the Tactical Network Transport – On-The-Move (TNT-OTM) prototype integrated into ABCTs and OTM configurations integrated on a variety of tactical vehicles.

Under Product Manager Network Modernization, REDCOM Sigma will support and modernize Enroute Mission Command (EMC), Commercial Coalition Equipment (CCE), and Disaster Incident Response Emergency Communications Terminal (DIRECT) equipment. Finally, as part of the Army’s capability set 21 modernization efforts and following the Expeditionary Signal Battalion – Enhanced (ESB-E) pilot this contract will see REDCOM Sigma included in the equipment package to the service’s ESBs with three expeditionary signal battalions currently slated to receive CS 21 enabling capability.




REDCOM Laboratories, Inc. is a woman-owned small business that specializes in the design and manufacture of advanced tactical and strategic communications solutions with a focus on interoperability, flexibility, and ease of use. REDCOM’s MIL-spec products are optimized for low size, weight, and power (SWaP), making them the ideal communications core for the U.S. Army at the tactical edge. REDCOM’s customers include all branches of the military, government agencies, emergency responders, integrators, and telecom service providers. For additional information, please visit the REDCOM website at



About PEO C3T

Headquartered at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, Program Executive Office Command, Control, Communications-Tactical (PEO C3T) develops, acquires, fields and supports the Army’s tactical network, a critical modernization priority. PEO C3T delivers the hardware and software required to provide Army formations with an expeditionary, mobile, simple to use and hardened tactical network. For more information, please visit the PEO C3T website at