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REDCOM announces Sigma SVG-1200, a new secure voice gateway platform for ACC-compliant Type 1 conferencing

May 1, 2023

The new SVG-1200 is powered by REDCOM Sigma software, enabling easy-to-use, secure multi-party communications between red and black networks.

REDCOM Laboratories, Inc. announced the launch of a new secure voice communications platform, the Sigma SVG-1200. The SVG-1200 is designed for government, military, and enterprise customers that require ACC-compliant Type 1 communications between multiple parties.

Sigma SVG-1200

The SVG-1200 delivers crystal-clear voice quality on both the red and black sides of the network. The “black” side of the network can be anywhere in the world, as long as the endpoints are Type-1 capable.

The REDCOM Sigma SVG-1200 is a purpose-built hardware platform powered by REDCOM’s flagship Sigma software. REDCOM Sigma features robust call control, conference management, and an intuitive graphical interface for easy administration.

“REDCOM has a long history of delivering reliable Secure Voice Gateway solutions to Federal Agencies and DoD organizations. This next-gen SVG solution continues that tradition with new hardware and software that makes implementing a secure multi-party conferencing solution easier than ever,” said Gerald Totsline, Director of Business Operations at REDCOM.

The SVG-1200 includes 12 ports, each of which can connect to a standard production Sectéra vIPer Phone, which acts as voice encryptors. The vIPer encryptors are NSA–certified, delivering Type 1 encryption and SCIP interoperability to protect sensitive voice calls classified Top Secret and below. On the black side, Sectéra vIPer phones support both PSTN and VoIP (SIP and SCCP) modes. The SVG-1200 system is fully scalable — if more 12 encryption paths are required, multiple SVG-1200 units can be networked together for increased capacity.

REDCOM Sigma SVG-1200 is available to order immediately and will ship in early Q3 2023.

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