Tactical Edge Communications

Preparing for the next fight requires tactical edge communications that incorporate rapid employment of capabilities focusing on interoperability, ease of use, and resiliency. Systems will need to connect across a spectrum of communication paths with a simple, intuitive interface configured to support distributed and small formation operations. Those operating at the pointed edge of the spear need the flexibility to communicate over any available network architecture. In denied environments, seamless transition between resources in a way that supports mobile and dismounted operations is critical.

Command and Control

Command & Control (C2) communications systems are fundamental to all military operations, delivering the information required to plan, coordinate, and control forces. Effective force employment begins with effective C2. Before commanders add additional technology, features, and functions into the mix, a robust, easy-to-use, resilient, and scalable C2 platform is essential. REDCOM’s C2 solutions enable warfighters and commanders to sustain communications in all domains, regardless of endpoint or technology used.

Expeditionary Communications

Today’s near-peer adversaries are well-equipped with technology that limits the opportunity for large logistic footprints and long build-ups. To prepare for future engagement, military forces will require an outbound expeditionary posture.

Future operating concepts show that mobility and distributed forces are critical, particularly when engaged in the littorals where expeditionary operations need a significant surface lift. REDCOM Sigma supports expeditionary maneuvering, the ability to transition quickly, and conduct operations of ample scale to achieve strategic objectives.

Denied Environment Communications

For decades, the U.S. Military has maintained an asymmetrical advantage over adversaries. But IP-based architectures, virtualization, and cloud-based computing introduce the risk of cyber-attacks and a need to plan to sustain operations in a denied environment.

The networks that warfighters rely on to gather, process, and disseminate information require the analysis and configuration to sustain critical C2 and warfighting functions when the network, communications systems, or power sustainment and distribution systems are rendered inoperable in a DIL environment.


Sustaining communications across all echelons of the military and government agencies is critical. REDCOM solutions support tactical, operational, and strategic requirements for land, sea, and air components, enhancing interoperability without the need to rip and replace entire network infrastructures. REDCOM can connect to a wide range of interfaces, protocols, and endpoints, including analog, SIP/AS-SIP, SATCOM, wireless, and RF.

Radio Interoperability

REDCOM’s radio interoperability technology not only enables radio network cross-banding but allows radio networks to connect to SIP-based C2 networks. By integrating RF and IP endpoints into one network, REDCOM removes communications barriers at the tactical edge, in humanitarian aid scenarios, and at the scene of public safety incidents. With REDCOM technology, commanders gain a complete C2 solution with voice, video, and chat across any domain.

Zero Trust Architectures for the Tactical Edge

REDCOM is a leading voice in the conversation on actualizing the Zero Trust Architecture within the tactical domain. REDCOM’s new disruptive authentication technology, ZKX™, offers seamless and frictionless multi-factor authentication designed around the foundational principles of zero-trust. This is done by its lightweight construction and intentional “bottom-up” philosophy — integrating the enterprise with the edge, not the other way around.

The C2 platform for CMOSS/SOSA

REDCOM’s Sigma® software provides CMOSS/SOSA users the ability to configure, manage, and control their C2 communication capabilities — including VoIP, video, chat, and radio interoperability — directly through an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. REDCOM Sigma is a low SWaP software platform that can be loaded onto a single board computer module and dropped into any CMOSS/SOSA chassis. REDCOM has already tested and proven its ability to work in such an environment at the Open Innovation Lab (OIL) and TSOA-ID in March 2022. REDCOM has a 40+ year history leveraging modular concepts and implementing open standards and standards-based protocols.