Reduce the Tail and Sharpen the Teeth

Ease of Use. Our software is designed to be intuitive and seamless, making it easy for warfighters to get up to speed. With our sophisticated simplicity approach, you can rapidly learn the software and reduce the need for FSR’s and specialists. This improves the tooth-to-tail ratio (T3R) and allows the ability to implement, operate, and maintain technology with the team on-hand.

Mobility. In the next fight, forces will be mobile and equipment must work at the pace of operations. Rapid boot time, resiliency to hard shutdown, working in a denied environment and low SWaP of REDCOM Sigma supports these requirements.

Scalability. REDCOM Sigma supports expeditionary maneuvering, the ability to transition quickly and conduct operations of ample scale to achieve strategic objectives.

Operating Environment Interoperability

U.S. military power is Joint power and interoperability is a bedrock requirement. Our products are standards-based and compatible with mission partners. Choose the endpoint, choose the equipment, choose the path. Choose REDCOM for maximum flexibility in the field.

Agility and innovation in tactical communications

You need a mobile, resilient, intuitive, standards-based, interoperable, sustainable and competitive network or solution. REDCOM is experienced, agile, flexible, innovative and responsive with excellence in worldwide customer support. We can turn on features quickly and can cover every requirement in the tactical domain.