Command & Control through Communication

Command and Control (C2) has many definitions. In the public safety incident command realm, it is directing resources to achieve incident objectives. REDCOM solutions directly support C2 conditions where they matter most.

The tools and function of Command and Control evolve with each leap in technology. C2 is both art and science, the art of sustaining critical functions during a critical incident and the science of integrating the tools that provide the highest performance in communication technology.

The REDCOM approach: adaptive and flexible

Our product configuration, controls, and management can be used without extensive training or field service, reducing training time and support requirements. Our solutions can be moved and transported easily, configured quickly, and integrated seamlessly to allow for the establishment and sustainment of critical communications in the most demanding environments.

Real time interoperability

Responding to an emergency event requires a “communications first” mindset. But when multiple public safety teams arrive on-scene, many will be unable to communicate with each other due to differences in waveform, band, channel, or trunking.

REDCOM Sigma XRI solves these interoperability challenges by bringing together radios and IP devices from multiple agencies. With the XRI, radio users can communicate directly with users on other radio nets, users on TSM networks, and even users on SIP endpoints (such as mobile devices and desk phones). All of these connections can be controlled and patched together on-the-fly via the REDCOM C2 Console app.