Research & Development in Communications

REDCOM — which stands for REsearch and Development in COMmunications — is a U.S. company that specializes in advanced communication solutions focusing on interoperability, flexibility, and ease of use. REDCOM has a long history of successful deployments at the highest levels of government and in leading Department of Defense (DoD) communications programs.

REDCOM’s custom solutions enable essential communication functions while solving interoperability challenges throughout the DoD. Our products are standards-based and compliant with all U.S. and most global government agencies.

Custom solutions for the government sector

At REDCOM, we pride ourselves on our ability to develop world-class secure communication solutions based on requirements specific to the defense industry. Government communication needs — from security to conferencing to crisis management — are constantly evolving. We have mastered the art of critical communications solutions and the science of integrating the hardware and software that performs at the highest level in our industry with each leap in new technology.

Unlike our competitors, we not only custom design your solution but program the software and manufacture the hardware in our U.S.-based facility. Whether you need to connect using a legacy product, need a backup plan when IP connectivity fails, or are ready to embrace the latest technology, REDCOM has you covered.

Government-grade products designed and manufactured in the USA

Because the products we build at REDCOM are at the heart of mission-critical government networks, we take the development of hardware and software very seriously. Our corporate culture is intensely focused on keeping all of our research, development, engineering, manufacturing, and support within the United States.

  • Nimble product development. We can adapt quickly to customer requirements without compromising security. All REDCOM engineers are U.S. persons.
  • U.S. manufacturing. Our manufacturing lines are located in upstate NY, within our wholly-owned and secure facility. REDCOM has proactively addressed every step of the supply chain to reduce risk, making our products TAA compliant.
  • Focused product roadmap. The way we have structured our business allows us to pivot quickly to emerging trends in the marketplace and keep up with DoD directives.
  • U.S.-based support. All tech support calls are answered and resolved by our in-house tech support team in Victor, NY.