Life doesn’t always follow a script, and planning for the unexpected has never been more important. The U.S. government must provide for continuity of operations in a crisis. That’s why federal agencies and the military turn to REDCOM, a global leader in flexible communication solutions.

At REDCOM, we understand the success of continuity programs is dependent on the availability of and access to communications systems with sufficient resilience. Our solutions can support essential functions and our technology solves these unique challenges for customers in the military, national security agencies, emergency responders, and more.

Tactical Interoperability from REDCOM and public safety communications

Essential interoperability

REDCOM custom solutions enable essential communication functions and our technology solves unique interoperability challenges. Our products are standards-based, compatible and compliant with all U.S. and most global government agencies. Our solutions span the gap between disparate systems and allow for flexible configurations via a GUI interface, connecting resources laterally across multiple agencies. Don’t get trapped in a proprietary ecosystem, REDCOM provides maximum customized flexibility.

Flexibility for communications at the tactical edge

Customization, reliability, and scalability

REDCOM prides itself on being a flexible partner that develops world-class secure communication solutions based on customers’ specific needs. Government communication needs from security, to conferencing to crisis management is constantly evolving. We have mastered the art of critical communications solutions and the science of integrating the hardware and software that performs at highest level our industry with each leap in new technology.

AS-SIP- what is it?

Last man standing

With the trend toward virtual hardware platforms and IP-based technologies, REDCOM is ready to provide your custom solution with these requirements. Unlike our competitors, we not only custom design your solution but program the software and manufacture the hardware in our U.S.-based facility. Whether you need to connect using a STE-R product, need a backup plan when IP connectivity fails, or use the latest technology and protocols, REDCOM has you covered.

softswitches designed and manufactured in the United States

Supply chain management

Another thing that sets REDCOM apart is our corporate culture intensely focused on U.S. based research, product development, manufacturing, service and support. As a privately-owned business, REDCOM prides itself on being a flexible partner that develops world-class secure communication solutions under the guidance of actual customer needs.