A focus on C2 communications

Our mission is to enable the most critical conversations in the world by developing highly interoperable, flexible, and easy-to-use Command and Control (C2) communications solutions. REDCOM technology is deployed and proven at all echelons, from the highest level of government to the tactical edge. 

Our focused roadmap drives specialized solutions for strategic, operational, and tactical environments.  The way we have structured our business allows us to pivot quickly to emerging trends in the marketplace and keep up with DoD directives. We are actively involved in the research labs, consortiums, and military-sponsored exercises to drive the next generation of C2 comms.

Mitigate supply chain issues with U.S.-based development and manufacturing

For decades, outsourcing manufacturing to foreign nations has become the new normal across all industries, but this is particularly dangerous for companies that supply hardware and software to the government and military. REDCOM is one of the few tech companies that always resisted the impulse to outsource. While competitors rushed to offshore as many jobs as possible, REDCOM realized that the risks to security and quality far outweighed any potential cost savings.

REDCOM products are proudly designed, developed, engineered, and supported in the United States. We don’t outsource research and development, providing us with greater control over the supply chain, product reliability, and shortening development cycles.

REDCOM’s commitment to cyber security

At REDCOM, we believe security cannot be achieved by a “bolted-on” approach. This is why we build security into our products from the start. Our flagship software platform, Sigma includes built-in security prerequisites to simplify management and delivery while decreasing cyber risks:

  • Sigma is FIPS 140-2 validated with a roadmap for FIPS 140-3.
  • Our software goes through interoperability and cyber security testing to become certified as a Local Session Controller at JITC.
  • We apply DISA STIGs to secure our systems and release a STIG guide for our customers.
  • Each version of our software is scanned by a NESSUS Tenable scanner and compared to the CVE database to search for vulnerabilities. In both cases, vulnerabilities are promptly addressed and patched.
  • Sigma meets the National Institute of Science and Technology Risk Management Framework checklist requirements.

In line with our commitment to security, REDCOM has created a cyber security business unit, ZKX Solutions which is focused on delivering authentication software to aid in the implementation of a Zero Trust Architecture.