Michael Scaravillo

Business Development & Program Management Team

Michael Scaravillo began working for REDCOM as the Government Sales Manager in January of 2018. With extensive experience in the telecommunications industry, Michael’s primary focus is on developing new lines of business and managing programs for REDCOM’s United States Department of Defense customers.

Having previously worked in several positions such as Tele-Sales Manager for PAETEC, and Demand-Generation Manager at Windstream, Michael is highly knowledgeable in his role here at REDCOM. A high-energy and results-oriented team player, Michael enjoys working in such a dynamic position. He is focused on building strong relationships with internal and external stakeholders, while also learning to adapt to customer requirements.

Coming from a Fortune-500 company, Michael enjoys the team-oriented atmosphere of this small business, and appreciates the diversified and tenured culture coming together to serve REDCOM’s customers.

Outside of the office, Michael has volunteered for the last few years for the Brighton School District as an interviewer for “Mock Interviews” in their Career Education class. He also enjoys golfing, going for a swim, and spending time with his family.