Michael McCay

Business Development & Program Management Team

Michael McCay is a Strategic Planner at REDCOM Laboratories, where he works to explore and pursue new markets and new technology avenues for REDCOM. He comes to REDCOM as a Retired Special Forces Officer with over 26 years of experience in Special Operations.

Throughout his time in Special Operations, Michael served as a Chief of Special Operations, where he Commanded and Directed Special Operations Group Juliet with the primary mission to conduct realistic, stressful training in support of Army Service Component Commands, Corps, Division Commanders, and Chief of Staff of the Army. He also served as Commander, Training Squadron for AWG a 377-person Special Mission Unit conducting worldwide advisory assistance and observation of asymmetric capabilities and threats in support of Army and Joint Force Commanders. Michael was also the Operations Director and Future Operations Chief, where he planned Strategic Global Missions for AWG, conducting combat and non-combat operations in support of Army and Joint Force Commanders.

With his over 26 years of experience in the United States Military, Michael comes to REDCOM with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the kinds of situations and environments that REDCOM’s core customer faces every day. Michael is a dedicated member of the REDCOM team, and he loves the challenge of this role. He enjoys working in strategy and growth, where he can embrace and explore new opportunities, step into complex situations, and help shape the future of REDCOM.

In his free time, Michael likes spending time with his kids, who teach him something new every day. He loves the outdoors, golfing, hunting, watching movies with his family, and listening to music.