Steve Lawless

Solutions Engineering Team

As a Solutions Architect, Steve is responsible for testing the interoperability of REDCOM product with third-party equipment, where the results can help determine and drive product strategy.

Steve has been with REDCOM since 2007, where he started working within the manufacturing department performing hardware service and testing. He has also worked within REDCOM’s engineering group conducting compliance testing.  More recently, his time had been with the product validation lab performing software and integration testing.

Having been part of the REDCOM team for several years, and in so many different roles, Steve is very knowledgeable about REDCOM product. His experience across multiple departments makes him a great resource to not only his peers but to potential partners and customers as well. Steve enjoys working at REDCOM where a new challenge can be found daily.

In his spare time, Steve enjoys spending time with family, getting outdoors, and all things automotive and related to high-performance driving.