Mike Sweeney

Leadership Team

Col Mike Sweeney, USMC (Ret) is the Vice President of Strategy for REDCOM Laboratories Inc. His focus is always 18 months and out, mapping future requirements based on the market and customer requirements against our future development efforts. He also handles Government Plans and Programs, where he is responsible for developing REDCOM’s approach to the government market both here and abroad, which at its essence means understanding the current needs of the customer and aligning capabilities to provide solutions that increase operational flexibility. Col Sweeney places a large focus on the re-orientation of things like organizational alignment, internal and external education, and our engagement strategy, so our people can talk fluently about all facets of the business with one single message and voice.

Mike Sweeney has an extensive career spanning four decades in the United States Marine Corps. His last duty assignment was at Marine Forces Pacific where he served as the Chief of Staff. Prior to that, he served as the Chief of Staff and Deputy Commander at U.S. Marine Special Operations Command.

Mike Sweeney has a Master’s Degree in Systems Engineering from the Naval Postgraduate School, a Masters in Strategic Studies from the U.S. Army War College, and a Master’s in Business Administration from National University. Mike was born in Philadelphia, PA. He graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Degree in Design Engineering and was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant in the U.S. Marine Corps in May of 1988.

Mike joined REDCOM because he appreciates REDCOM’s core differentiator of being flexible and responsive without sacrificing quality, drive, and professionalism. In his words, “Other companies fix problems…we design, engineer, and manufacture solutions. There’s a big difference.” An avid athlete, Mike Sweeney played Division IA College Football and enjoys all outdoor activities.