Wade Mueller

Customer Service Team

Wade Mueller has been working at REDCOM since 2002 and is currently the Manager of Customer Engineering/Support/Training. Wade is a seasoned professional with extensive knowledge of REDCOM’s products and customers. Wade is recognized as a subject matter expert on REDCOM’s Secure Voice Gateway solution, which he is very proud of.

Before coming to REDCOM, Wade served in the United States Navy as an Electronic Technician. After his service, he worked as an Electronics Manufacturing/Test Engineer for Qualitrol for ten years, supporting electronic, electrical, and mechanical product lines. He later worked for AT&T as a Senior Telecommunications Engineer and Global Crossing as a VoIP Network Engineer before making his way to REDCOM and finding his current role in 2002.

With his experience in the technical engineering field, Wade has been able to work with a variety of customers, troubleshooting customer issues and finding product solutions to best fill customer needs. Wade is proud of his team and the high-quality service and training they provide daily.

He enjoys his job, where every day is a new challenge and adventure, and he truly likes the people he works with and for at REDCOM. In his free time, Wade likes to go for a drive and enjoys photography, hunting, and spending time with his wife, Laura.