Wade Mueller

Research & Development Team

Wade Mueller currently serves as Senior Manager, Research & Development Engineer. Previously, Wade was the Manager of Customer Engineering/Support/Training. Wade is a seasoned professional with extensive knowledge of REDCOM’s products and customers. Wade is recognized as a subject matter expert on REDCOM’s Secure Voice Gateway solution, of which he is very proud.

Wade’s professional journey is a testament to his adaptability and versatility. Before joining REDCOM, he served in the United States Navy as an Electronic Technician. Following his service, he spent a decade at Qualitrol as an Electronics Manufacturing/Test Engineer, supporting electronic, electrical, and mechanical product lines. Wade then transitioned to AT&T as a Senior Telecommunications Engineer and later to Global Crossing as a VoIP Network Engineer. In 2002, he found his way to REDCOM, where he has been thriving ever since.

As Senior Manager, Research & Development Engineer at REDCOM, Wade’s primary focus is to bolster the company’s market position. He achieves this by spearheading the integration of emerging technologies into REDCOM’s product development life cycle, a role that allows him to stay at the forefront of technological advancements in the industry.

He enjoys his job, where every day is a new challenge and adventure, and he truly likes the people he works with and for at REDCOM. In his free time, Wade likes to go for a drive and enjoys photography, hunting, and spending time with his wife, Laura.