Rob Treese

Solutions Engineering Team

Rob Treese is a Solutions Architect for REDCOM Laboratories, where he is a subject matter expert in the telecommunications space and on REDCOM’s C2 solutions, enabling our customers to stay connected. As a technical expert, he assists the business development team in assessing customer issues and finding solutions. Previously, he worked for REDCOM in Customer Engineering and Support, where he did site surveys and product installs and troubleshoot and support customer issues.

Before coming to REDCOM, Rob had been in technical engineering positions within voice for the last 10 years, supporting carriers to end users, and holds several Cisco certifications. He is well-suited for this role, where he is proficient with TDM and VoIP, as well as data, and truly enjoys serving REDCOM customers, especially our military customers. In his free time, Rob enjoys building reef tanks, hiking, and spending time with his daughter.