John Kelliher

Business Development, Sales, & Marketing Team

John Kelliher is REDCOM’s Strategic Planning Lead, where he plays the critical role of using his recent military experience to help REDCOM’s BD team understand the demand, needs, and structure of our government and military customers. He helps to align and expand REDCOM’s reach in this arena and helps lead the company in better understanding this market.

Before joining the REDCOM team, John was a Combat Controller in the United States Air Force, which is the ground component for the Air Force Special Operations Command, now referred to as special warfare. His job in this role was to attach to special operations teams across the military as a joint terminal attack controller, with expertise in close air support. John’s work ethic, his recent military experience in the USAF, and his knowledge of our customers make him an asset to the REDCOM strategy team.

He’s is proud to continue to enable and support our warfighters by providing them with the best communication capabilities on the battlefield, so they can maintain the technological and tactical advantage in current and future conflicts. Outside of the office, John spends most of his free time with his kids and family and loves spending time outdoors and being active.