Post-Quantum Encryption

Quantum Computing and Secure Voice Encryption

As new advancements are beginning to allow quantum computers to approach market-readiness, cybersecurity professionals are beginning to address their security frameworks and the potential for post-quantum resistant encryption schemes.

REDCOM UX Specialist - Jim Parrillo Teaching at RIT

At REDCOM, we think it’s important to recognize our employees…

Chris Fitch - REDCOM Software Engineer Accepted into CLIMB Program

At REDCOM, we think it’s important to recognize our employees…

An introduction to cryptography and the public key infrastructure

Download our Introduction to Cryptography white paper today and you'll learn the fundamentals of how cryptography and the public key infrastructure works.
The denied environment

Conceptualizing Continuity of Operations in a Communications/Technology Denied Environment

Today’s network is a weapons system, and those who approach it as such must begin to formulate a strategy of sustained operations in a denied environment. In developing a multi-layer, defense-in-depth strategy, a portfolio approach should be taken leveraging both newer technologies as well as legacy technology.
Smartphone Security

3G and 4G Smartphone Security

The smartphone is the most commonly used communications device in the modern world. Virtually every business executive, politician, and military leader uses a 3G or 4G smartphone. Thus, it is ironic that key holders of corporate and national security secrets rely on a communication device that is virtually devoid of security.

IIoT is Great—But Don’t Forget About the Humans

If you’re an IT or communications technology professional, you’ve most likely read more than one article recently about the Industrial Internet of Things. Everyone knows that IIoT is going to substantially change the manufacturing, critical infrastructure, and processing industries, but it may be surprising to learn that Unified Communications (UC) can add important functionality, and value, to IIoT implementations.
UC Conferencing Simplified

Conferencing. Simplified.

Sigma's intuitive web-based call routing translator allows you to build new conferences with a few simple clicks, including simple meet-me conferences, password-protected conferences and even preset conferences.