REDCOM announces collaboration with Air Force Research Laboratory’s RIEBA unit to expand C2 communications

February 6, 2024

REDCOM announces a Statement of Work (SOW) in collaboration with the Air Force Research Laboratory’s (AFRL) RIEBA unit. The primary purpose of this SOW will be the evaluation and integration of the REDCOM Sigma XRI-400 hardware platform within AFRL/RIEBA’s communication architecture and networks.

REDCOM’s extensive track record with C2 solutions and demonstrated expertise in radio interoperability position the company as the ideal partner for the AFRL/RIEBA’s mission-critical objectives. REDCOM’s commitment extends to on-site installation, training, and comprehensive support of the Sigma XRI-400 within the AFRL/RIEBA laboratory environment. The integration efforts will focus on validating the bridge between RF communications and SIP/RTP interfaces within the Voice & Video Cross-Domain Solution (V2CDS) architecture.

“REDCOM is honored to be given the opportunity to collaborate directly with AFRL/RIEBA, which is at the tip of the spear when it comes to solving tough communication problems aligned with the USAF’s future operating concept – Agile Combat Employment (ACE),” said John Kelliher, Director, Strategy, REDCOM Laboratories, Inc.

Kelliher continues: “Communications are a critical function in executing effective command and control. Adaptable and interoperable communication systems will be of the utmost importance in maintaining positive communications at the edge.”

This SOW stands to benefit both REDCOM and the AFRL by fostering a dynamic exchange of expertise and resources. This collaboration not only enables REDCOM to refine its Sigma XRI-400 capabilities for the mission set of tomorrow but also empowers AFRL/RIEBA to leverage REDCOM’s innovative solutions, enhancing their network integration capabilities and fostering advancements in cutting-edge communication technologies.


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