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Dinah Weisberg: Strategy – in a time of uncertainty – needs security and reliability

September 17, 2019

Gueldenpfennig Weisberg, DinahDinah Weisberg originally wanted a career in marine biology but admits she “had some sense talked into her by her parents.” Two computer science degrees and an executive MBA later, she is now CEO and President of REDCOM, one of the more unusual communications vendors on the circuit, and one with deep and enduring links to the Pacific and the PTC.

REDCOM, a privately-held supplier with about 170 employees, was founded by Mrs. Weisberg’s parents, Klaus and Brigitte Gueldenpfennig, in 1978. Since then, both the company and its markets have changed significantly. Ms. Weisberg took over as president in early 2017. REDCOM, she says, needed a “reset and refocus” on strategy and core competencies. She explains: “Our main mission now is to provide the most reliable, intuitive, interoperable, and secure communications solutions in the world.”

She highlights security and reliability as particular capabilities at REDCOM: “When you take a look at what you’re good at, [then] that is what you should focus on. We redoubled our efforts to focus on the security message, and on becoming a thought leader in secure communications.” Reliability, she says, is a quality that REDCOM has always been “extremely adept at.”

She continues: “We are a small, nimble company and able to adapt very quickly to customer needs.” Being small may have its advantages, but big suppliers also dominate in what is a global space. “Size matters to a particular customer [set],” she acknowledges. “It matters when you are a big player in a competitive field.” She points out that in REDCOM’s market, big players may supply lower cost product for a large market, but customers may discover particular features key to their needs will be absent. “Our solution will often be unique, but it will be what customers need,” she affirms. Bespoke features, she says, frequently become incorporated as standard offerings in successive product releases as a result.


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