Flexibility for communications at the tactical edge

Network-Agnostic Call Routing and Forwarding

Intelligent Call Routing gives service providers highly customizable call routing rules allowing routing of any incoming call originating from any network to any destination. ICR is perfect for managing enhanced user features such as toll free, call forwarding, number portability, and other rules-based routing controls.


  • Customize how your telephone numbers and endpoints are used.
  • Centralized lookup of alternative telephone numbers give you greater control and saves time and effort
  • Web-based user interface makes maintaining the call routing database easy

Detect and block Robocalls and reduce annoyance calls

REDCOM Personalized Call Screening is an ultra-flexible, highly customizable solution for screening incoming calls. Provide your subscribers with privacy by eliminating those annoying calls that use a computerized autodialer to deliver pre-recorded messages (robocalls). Personalize the treatment for screened calls to ensure wanted calls are delivered, while unwanted calls are blocked.


  • Uses STIR/SHAKEN for call authentication
  • Easy-to-use IVR and web-based user interfaces for maintaining subscriber screening preferences
  • Flexible call treatments that can be configured based on subscriber needs
  • Callers are authenticated with an audio CAPTCHA before the call is connected
  • Integrates with TNS Call Guardian to provide real-time network data analytics for accurately identifying both robocalls and call spoofing
Tactical Interoperability from REDCOM and public safety communications

Flexible real-time voice and text rating

The REDCOM Virtual Calling Card application offers real-time rating and call control for service providers across any network.


  • Provides a contemporary calling card platform
  • Rating interface for billing systems or Online Charging Systems (OCS)
  • Interoperable with a variety of billing systems
Public safety communications from REDCOM

Mass Notification

REDCOM Mass Notification gives service providers the power to send on-demand or pre-made alerts to landline and mobile phones. Messaging is enabled via text message, voice call, or email. Including a powerful call list management graphical interface tool and intuitive calendar design, service providers can send notifications for emergencies, reminders, and revenue-generating communications like surveys and campaigns.


  • Generate landline and cell phone calls, instant messages, and emails
  • Differentiate between calls answered live or by voice mail
  • Automatically re-dial unsuccessful calls and detect duplicate calls

Unified Voice Messaging

REDCOM Unified Voice Messaging goes far beyond a dedicated, keypad-accessed voicemail service by merging voicemail with email, text, and web interfaces. This feature-rich enhanced voicemail solution allows network operators to deliver maximum subscriber benefits and inherent organizational efficiencies available with voice messaging.


  • Retrieve messages using an integrated web portal
  • Email notifications option to deliver a message as a .wav file to an email address
  • Rapidly return calls while listening to a message
  • IVR controls to playback, fast forward, and rewind messages