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A sensible migration to VoIP

REDCOM is a trusted partner for service providers looking to gracefully evolve existing telecom services and applications into the Next Generation Network (NGN). Intelligent Networks were built for flexibility and for adding sophisticated services to the network. As new network technologies emerge, the need for all those IN and AIN services still exist. Thus, IN service-layers will continue to play vital roles and deliver revenues for years to come.

The cost of maintaining and enhancing mature networks is a challenge. REDCOM products can guide you through the maze of questions and solve the problems you face during a migration to a VoIP network.

The REDCOM IN Migration Suite provides robust and full-featured services that exist today, as well as support the rapid development of new, more updated services to meet quality of service and subscriber demand for tomorrow.

Graceful SCP Migration

Your SCP is the platform that handles the call service/application logic. As the network components go end-of-life and end-of service, you need to find a solution that not only provides existing services, but is also “future-ready”. Our hybrid Application Server understands and works natively with both AIN and SIP messaging to allow a service or application to simply process the call treatment regardless of the call origin or destination.

We create a migration solution for all of your existing AIN services that are deployed on “legacy” SCPs, providing call treatments and preserving the user experience.

Our Application Server interfaces with the legacy network using SIGTRAN (M3UA) and supports IN, AIN, CAIN messaging.

Making the most of your VoIP assets

We understand that service providers have made significant investments in gateways and softswitches, so throwing out perfectly functional components simply doesn’t make financial sense. Our Application Server can make the most of your VoIP network investment no matter where you are in your overall VoIP migration by handling whatever call treatment you need for any of your subscribers. We accompany you through a migration path that fully implements the protocols required in the IP network in the server itself, maintaining consistency and meeting current business needs. Our solution is flexible, allowing you to re-use elements of your network evolving to an updated system that is future-proof.

Evolve existing services

REDCOM’s solutions enable service providers to evolve existing services, such as:

  • ECF: Enhanced Call Forwarding
  • CRS: Custom Redirect Service
  • ACR GETS: Government Emergency Telecom Service
  • DND: Do Not Disturb
  • CTNS: Custom Telephone Numbering Service
  • Easy 0
  • FAS: FXX Services
  • ISNA: Internet Single Number Access
  • OPVM: One Point Voice Mail
  • CGS: Call Gate Service
  • CLEC
  • CUF
  • MLCN: MultiLocation CentraNet
  • TRS: Telecommunications Relay Service (TTY Devices)
  • CIN: Call Intercept
  • Ad Proof
  • Directory Assistance
  • DNIS