Using Interactive Phone Calls, Text Messages, and Emails

The REDCOM Mass Notification application is part of the REDCOM IMSWorkX product suite. This solution allows you to instantly send alerts, notifications, reminders, political calls, interactive polls or surveys with ease while managing the entire process right from an intuitive Web-based user interface.  The calendar format of the user interface guides the subscriber through the process of building messages, managing call lists, and scheduling delivery in any or all of the following formats:  audio, instant messages and emails.


  • Generate landline and cell phone calls, instant messages and emails.
  • Differentiate between calls answered live or by voice mail
  • Automatically re-dial unsuccessful calls and detect duplicate calls
  • Resides on the REDCOM Application Server multi-service environment next-generation network standards

REDCOM Mass Notification is perfect for these types of communication:

  • Service outage notification
  • Event information
  • School closing information
  • Fund drives
  • Appointment reminders
  • Political campaigns
  • Targeted marketing
  • Surveys & polls

Rapid Set Up and Execution

An intuitive calendar like format walks the subscriber through the set-up process to create, schedule, and launch an entire campaign quickly and easily using the Web-based user interface.  Rapidly record messages and response prompts, create audio, instant messages and emails, then define the delivery options with this intuitive user interface. In addition, generate reports to analyze the campaign.

Powerful Call List Management

View, edit, search, add, and remove contacts from your call lists right from the Web-based user interface. You also have the ability to use your existing ASCII comma delimited call lists to build your call lists. REDCOM Mass Notification automatically checks for duplicate phone numbers saving you time and effort.

  • Audio Option: Create custom audio messages as .wav files,  Optimize messages by chaining together recorded prompts to personalize the messages. Then, add conditional messages that are delivered in response to specific key presses. Your recorded messages can then be used to create surveys, event reminders, and basic notifications.
  • Email Option: Create and send plain text emails with up to 300 characters and you can create personalized subject lines to make your emails stand out.
  • Instant Message Option: The 300 character limit gives you the flexibility to provide contacts with the information they need to know.

Message Delivery Options

A variety of delivery options are available to make the most of your campaigns.  Deliver in any combination of audio, email, and instant message.

  • The ability to deliver audio messages exclusively to land lines, cell phones, or both
  • Automatically detect how the audio message is received – you can deliver messages specifically tailored for calls answered live or by voice mail
  • Set the delivery dates and times and run a campaign at different times in a single day or spread calls,instant messages, or emails over multiple day

Call Connection Options

REDCOM Mass Notification connection options let you customize how each campaign is handled.

  • The call can be instantly routed to a phone number of your choice based on a response key press.
  • When a call recipient presses one or more keys in response to a voice prompt, those keys can be repeated with the option to re-enter or accept the response.
  • Calls that were not answered are automatically re-dialed.


Call detail records, response selections, delivery records, and other information you need from your campaigns are available in predefined reports. Export this data for use in Microsoft Excel® and other tools.

The Service Delivery Platform

The REDCOM Mass Notification is an application that resides on the REDCOM IMSWorkX Application Server which uses next generation network standards and a multi-service environment that can be deployed on industry standard server hardware. The REDCOM Application Server’s distributed processing and load balancing capability allows for rapid addition or modification of services with no interruption. The high availability features of the application server ensure that users always have access to their Mass Notification service.