• Complete solution for prepaid and postpaid
  • Advanced real-time call rating engine
  • Fast and easy to customize

The REDCOM IMSWorkX Virtual Calling Card Service offers an easy and flexible way to organize a complete set of Calling Card offerings. With the Calling Card Service, Service Providers are able to create different rates, rate plans, offerings and can add large numbers of pre- or post-paid calling cards quickly and easily.

Not only can Service Providers create detailed and customizable product offerings, they can also edit a multitude of additional features. These features include announced and unannounced rate parameters, Speed Dial lists, minimum and maximum times per call, and much more.

Real-Time Rating Engine

The backbone of our Virtual Calling Card software is the Real-Time Rating Engine, which gives Service Providers the charge and policy control needed to translate their monetized services into Product Offerings. The Real-Time Rating Engine allows Service Providers to build flexible rates based on factors including the time of day, day of the week, country of call origin and much more.

Additionally, the Real-Time Rating Engine allows Service Providers to tailor usage policy and billing sequence rates. For example, allowing a rate of 3 cents per minute for the first 5 minutes, increasing to 6 cents per minute after that is a simple rate that can be added through the Calling Card Web-based User Interface.


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