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JITC-approved IP/TDM call control switch

The REDCOM HDX is a fully customizable Local Session Controller (LSC) that delivers interoperable communications for tactical and strategic operations. HDX is listed on the DISA Approved Products List.


Interoperability & IP Convergence

The REDCOM HDX is designed as a fully integrated TDM/VoIP platform that is scalable between tactical and strategic networks and offers maximum interoperability including: SIP, AS-SIP, Secure Devices, V.150.1, GSM, Radio, SATCOM, ISDN PRI, Euro PRI, IPv4, and IPv6.

The HDX seamlessly integrates IP and TDM technologies in a single box, delivering Call Management, Media Gateway Services, Media Gateway Controller, IP Subscriber Database, and Call Detail Records. REDCOM’s Media Gateway provides warfighters with gateways between multiple legacy interfaces and current generation communications platforms.

Military and Commercial Radio Interface

The HDX•C’s Radio Interface Card allows any REDCOM system phone to dial out to a remote radio, and allows a radio to dial directly into the system and ring a phone, make an outside call, or call another remote radio system. Full two-way calling with Push to Talk (PTT), Voice Operated Transmission (VOX) or Carrier Operated Relay (COR) is supported. REDCOM technology also removes the repeater squelch found in commonly used analog radios. REDCOM’s Radio Interface is interoperable with encrypted military radios and verifies the radio is secure before the voice transmission is enabled.

Secure communications

The REDCOM HDX connects multi-technology networks and supports secure communication via SCIP and V.150.1. In addition, Secure Real-Time Protocol (SRTP) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) are available to provide media and SIP signaling encryption as well as client authentication. REDCOM’s Secure Device Interface board ensures HDX•C interoperability with commercially available voice encryption devices. HDX allows a Type 1 secure IP phone to directly and securely call a secure analog device.

ACC-compliant solution for Type 1 Secure Voice Gateways and Conferencing Systems

REDCOM vIPer-R enables the REDCOM HDX to interface with up to four standard production General Dynamics Sectéra® vIPer™ devices, which act as voice encryptors for TDM or SIP voice networks. The encryptors allow any HDX line, trunk, or conference port to conduct secure voice communications with any SCIP-capable device, such as a SWT, STE, or vIPer.

REDCOM HDX is standards-based, so it works with end instruments from just about any vendor. But if you’re looking for the complete solution, we recommend Poly. REDCOM is authorized to resell the entire suite of Poly VVX and Trio phones.