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ACC-compliant for Type 1 secure voice gateways and conferencing

REDCOM’s vIPer-R is an ACC-compliant solution for Type 1 secure voice gateways and conferencing systems. vIPer-R address challenges to agencies that require access to red/black networks using a Type 1 gateway device or a Type 1 conferencing solution.



REDCOM vIPer-R is a board that enables the REDCOM HDX to interface with up to four standard production General Dynamics Sectéra® vIPer™ devices, which act as voice encryptors for TDM or SIP voice networks. The encryptors allow any HDX line, trunk, or conference port to conduct secure voice communications with any SCIP-capable device, such as a SWT, STE, or vIPer.

Secure Voice Path

The voice path from the REDCOM system to the external terminal is completely secure. Existing REDCOM HDX customers with the REDCOM SWT-R board and GD SWT encryptors will be able to replace them with REDCOM’s new vIPer-R board and GD vIPer encryptors. This solution will enable agencies to maintain their REDCOM HDX as a Type 1 secure gateway or secure conferencing system with a minimal investment.


REDCOM vIPer-R Secure Enclave sectera wireline terminal replacement for ACC compliant Type 1 encryption and ACC compliant Type 1 voice gateway

Viable replacement to the SWT and REDCOM SWT-R

The National Security Agency (NSA) declared the General Dynamics’ Sectéra® Wireline Terminal (SWT) End of Support (EOS) due to new Advanced Cryptographic Capabilities (ACC) requirements. This also rendered the REDCOM SWT-R virtually EOS.

The REDCOM vIPer-R serves as a viable replacement for the SWT and SWT-R and is certified:

  • ACC compliant Type 1 encryption
  • ACC compliant Type 1 voice gateway
  • Type 1 Voice Encryptors