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JITC Certified as a Local Session Controller (LSC)

The REDCOM HDX•C is JITC certified (Joint Interoperability Task Command) as a Local Session Controller (LSC) and is listed on the DISA Approved Products List (APL).

 IP Convergence

Interoperability & IP Convergence

REDCOM’s HDX•C is designed as a fully integrated TDM/VoIP platform that is scalable between tactical and strategic networks and offers maximum interoperability including: SIP, AS-SIP, Secure Devices, V.150.1, GSM, Radio, SATCOM, ISDN PRI, Euro PRI, IPv4, and IPv6.

 Distributed Control

Distributed Architecture for survivability

HDX•C system architecture provides continuous service through the use of multiple direct access points which supports innovative alternate routing using a combination of IP and TDM trunks and routes.


TRANSip IP Technology Suite

TRANSip is REDCOM’s telephony technology suite that integrates the benefits of IP and TDM technologies, providing:

  • Call Management
  • Media Gateway Services
  • Media Gateway Controller
  • IP Subscriber Database
  • Call Detail Records


Precedence & Preemption

The HDX•C provides essential Command and Control Multi-Level Precedence and Preemption (MLPP), including industry standard ANSI 619a, for comprehensive end-to-end communications.


Extensive Conferencing

REDCOM’s HDX•C supports the following conferencing styles independently or in any combination:

  • Progressive (participants added one at a time)
  • Meet-Me (participants dial-in at a specified time)
  • Preset (conference controller initiates the event, adding participants as they answer)

In addition, many other powerful conferencing features are offered including: multiple loudest talkers, priority designation for important talkers, PIN and/or ANI screening for conference access, PTT support to allow radios as conference members, and many others.

 Secure Communications

Secure Communications

REDCOM’s HDX•C connects multi-technology networks and supports secure communication via V.150.1. In addition, Secure Real-time Transport Protocol (SRTP) and Transport Layer Security (TLS) are available to provide media and SIP signaling encryption as well as client authentication. The systems are public key enabled (PKE) and are fully interoperable with the DoD public key infrastructure (PKI). The Secure Device Board ensures interoperability with commercially available voice encryption devices.

 Secure Gateway

Advanced Secure Gateway

REDCOM’s Advanced Secure Gateway Application enables a war-fighter, using a SCIP device, on the DSN network to dial the published station number of a user on a classified network. The published number is then translated and delivered to the classified user without requiring a secondary dial tone or over-dialing. Additionally, REDCOM’s Advanced Secure Gateway provides secure conferencing between users on multi-technology networks, facilitating secure conferencing between Joint, NATO and Coalition Forces.

 Radio Interoperability

Military and Commercial Radio Interface

The HDX•C Radio Interface allows any REDCOM system phone to dial out to a remote radio, and allows a radio to dial directly into the system and ring a phone, make an outside call, call another remote radio system, or connect to a REDCOM Multi-technology Conference Bridge. The Radio Interface supports full two-way calling with Push to Talk (PTT), Voice Operated Transmission (VOX) or Carrier Operated Relay (COR) and is interoperable with encrypted military radios.

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