REDCOM Markets

Communications Service Providers — REDCOM’s next-generation softswitch platforms for CLECs, ILECs, and Multi-Tenant Systems and can be custom configured for these markets. REDCOM systems can be easily deployed as drop-in solutions for carrier IP migration, End Office replacement, and distributed cloud voice services.

Government & Defense — REDCOM solutions connect multi-technology networks for Joint, NATO, and coalition forces by supporting international protocols that enable secure and interoperable communications. REDCOM switching platforms interoperate with virtually any industry-standard voice communications system in the world.

Utilities, Mining, & Exploration — REDCOM addresses the needs of the utility industry with a drop-in VoIP Smart Grid solution that maintains full compatibility with legacy, radio, and wireless devices.

Enterprise — The next-generation VoIP/IP-PBX solutions built by REDCOM are powerful multi-technology telecommunications systems ideal for the enterprise. With its patented distributed architecture, REDCOM systems provide a versatile platform for managing complex communications in a variety of applications.

Public Safety Communications — REDCOM products can be used to provide a secure strategic and/or tactical voice network overlay to any existing communications infrastructure,  including a complete secure essential services network to any community or industry.