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Enhancing Mobile Communications for Maritime Vehicles

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Over the years, REDCOM has proudly delivered hardware and software communications solutions to a variety of customers in the maritime industry for shipboard communications. We work with each of these customers to deliver simple yet sophisticated, custom communication systems that meet their operational requirements.

REDCOM’s major submarine project was in collaboration with L3 Communications/Henschel to deliver a high-quality Internal Communications System (ICS) on the Virginia Class submarines for the United States Navy. REDCOM provided the IGX for their fully integrated system that included conferencing, with the ability to interface to the entire system.

L3 Communications/Henschel awarded REDCOM with the “Outstanding Supplier” Award for their work on the ICS for the Astute Class Submarines for the British Royal Navy. For the Royal Navy, REDCOM developed their complete ICS. REDCOM was lauded for its efforts on this project by BAE Systems Submarine Solutions. Along with these recognitions, executives from L3 Communications/Henschel awarded REDCOM a Crystal Supplier Appreciation Award, citing our dedicated service and efforts.

 REDCOM also had the opportunity to work on the U.S. Military Joint High-Speed Vessels, or EPFs – Expeditionary Fast Transports. These twelve high-speed transport vessels are used for the rapid transportation of equipment with aviation support. REDCOM provided these vessels with SLICE® 2100 systems for their Internal Communications Systems, enabling secure and reliable communications on-board and between ships.

REDCOM SLICE 2100s were also used on the Independent Class of Littoral Combat Ships (LCS) for the United States Navy, with support for magneto sound-powered telephones. This backup voice network was designed to work without power, driven solely by the volume of the voice speaking into the microphone.


REDCOM’s history of providing custom communications solutions to these customers further validates the superior quality of REDCOM products – known for their reliability, interoperability, and transportability – as well as the expertise of our engineering and support staff.

From expeditionary forces to marine vehicles, REDCOM has the field-proven technology that defense forces count on in operations around the world. For more information about REDCOM products and their applications contact REDCOM at 585-924-6500,