CrucialConnect HF

CrucialConnect HF

Deployable system delivering a flexible, private High Frequency (HF) network supporting voice & data reach back capabilities

CrucialConnect™ HF is a rugged, deployable solution designed to serve as the communications network for a variety of Command and Control Communications (C3) applications, ranging from small unit support to large-scale disaster relief. Backed by the world-class integration and support services of REDCOM, CrucialConnect HF is a turnkey communications system. Built around REDCOM’s robust call manager and NViS Communications’ HF radio, CrucialConnect HF provides FirstNet-ready capabilities including voice calling, Automatic Link Establishment (ALE), and PSTN reach back.

CrucialConnect HF

 Comms Core

Your communications core

In times of crisis, communication between different organizations is the key to an effective response, but the interoperability of communications systems between different first responder organizations is notoriously poor — a problem that is common to nearly all countries.

When disaster strikes, communications infrastructure is commonly impacted, unavailable, or overloaded. First responders need a means to quickly reestablish interoperable communications with local agencies within the affected area as well as remote agencies outside the affected area. HF communications is increasingly being used as an emergency or fall back option when other communications systems fail. CrucialConnect combines REDCOM’s DoD-Certified Call Manager with NViS’s Radio Access Network (RAN) along with a low cost terrestrial Transport Backhaul option in the form of an HF radio link.

The design and flexibility of the CrucialConnect makes it the ideal solution to act as the communications core for an Incident Command Center, Tactical Command Post, Homeland Security, Public Safety and a myriad of other applications where reliable communications are critical.


      Flexible deployment

      The CrucialConnect network can operate in a variety of modes, including as a single base station subsystem or as a larger, networked base station subsystem with multiple nodes. All communications links from CrucialConnect are standards-based, resulting in network flexibility that can be easily integrated into existing network infrastructures.

      Based on the customer’s operational requirements, CrucialConnect can be prewired and configured to be set-up and operational within minutes of antenna deployment and the flip of the power switch.


        Maximum interoperability

        CrucialConnect is a Multi-Layered Communications Interoperability Solution providing ease of setup for local communications as well as links to partner agencies for mutual aid support. The integrated class 4/5 Telecom Switch can be connected to the PSTN via terrestrial or non-terrestrial reach-back via telecom interfaces including T1, E1 G/LSRD or SIP trunk connections. CrucialConnect can grow to accommodate an ever-expanding footprint of coverage as additional resources move into the area of operation. Using multiple system configuration databases, a single communication platform can be quickly reconfigured by simply loading the new database. One platform can then be used as a backup or standby communications platform in nearly any location in the world.

           Extreme Environments

          Reliability in extreme conditions

          REDCOM communications platforms are designed to perform under the most challenging environments—from the intense humidity of tropical islands, the searing heat of the Sahara to the frigid temperatures of the Arctic.

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