Company History

REDCOM Company Timeline

A history rich with innovation


  • Founded
  • First design consulting contract secured


  • First Modular Switching Unit delivered (SBX)
  • First patent granted
  • First TeleTraffic Generator® delivered


  • First Power Line Carrier Switch delivered
  • First Public Switch (Central Office) delivered


  • First Canadian Public Switch (Central Office) delivered
  • First Programmable Switch delivered


  • 50th Public Switch (Central Office) delivered
  • First International Public Switch (American Samoa) delivered
  • Singapore Telecom Type Approval received


  • First Emergency/Tactical Switch delivered


  • First switch for U.S. Air Force delivered
  • Moved into new 120,000 square foot office and manufacturing facilities In Victor, New York


  • REDCOM opens Far East technical support office in Taiwan


  • 300th Public Switch (Central Office) delivered
  • First International Gateway delivered


  • First surface mount manufacturing equipment installed
  • President receives Inventor of the Year Award
  • Received President’s E-Award for excellence in exporting


  • Enhanced quality program by adopting Total Quality Management (TQM)
  • First ISDN Capable Switch delivered


  • First International Toll Operator System (Palau) delivered


  • First SS7 system delivered


  • The 1st annual R-TUST conference is held at REDCOM headquarters in Victor, NY


  • First ISDN Switching equipment for Three Gorges Hydro Project delivered
  • REDCOM’s Northernmost Public Switch (Central Office)—60 miles from magnetic North Pole delivered


  • ISDN product line improved to include SS7, expanded conferencing capabilities, and enhanced portable interoperable emergency packages
  • Upgraded large Haitian tandem system to include ITU C7 Signaling, SS5, R2, C5, R1 Signaling, T1 and E1 interface conversion
  • REDCOM holds the first annual Local Exchange Conference (RLEC) for Central Office customers


  • REDCOM celebrates a Quarter Century of Telecom Switching.
  • The 5th annual R-TUST conference is held at REDCOM headquarters in Victor, NY
  • REDCOM adds the High Density Exchange (HDX) to its family of switching products


  • REDCOM introduces SLICE® and Maintenance and Administration User Interface (MAUI™)
  • The 6th annual R-TUST conference and the 3rd annual R-LEC conferences are held at REDCOM headquarters in Victor, NY
  • The IGX•C receives additional Joint Interoperability Test Command (JITC) certification


  • The HDX•C and SLICE® received JITC certification and appeared on the DSN-APL (Approved Products List)
  • At its 8th annual R-TUST conference held in Victor NY, REDCOM announces TRANSip®, a truly integrated SIP Call Manager, a Media Gateway, and a Media Gateway Controller.


  • REDCOM announces SLICE® 2100™, with TRANSip. This single 1U high unit delivers SIP Call Management, Media Services Gateway, Media Services Gateway Controller, and other advanced IP communications capabilities while continuing to support analog lines, E&M and Loop trunks, E1/T1, and SS7/C7.


  • REDCOM celebrates thirty years of manufacturing innovative telecom solutions that serve a wide range of customers in more than fifty countries.


  • HDX•CSLICE®, and SLICE® 2100™ (Version 3.0) received JITC certification and appeared on the DSN-APL (Approved Products List)
  • In July 2009, REDCOM breaks ground on an 18,000 sq. ft. addition to its corporate headquarters in Victor, NY.


  • REDCOM completes the expansion to its headquarters in April, 2010, for a grand total of 140,000 sq. ft. at our Victor, NY campus. The new facility features state-of-the-art training rooms for customers and a Government Technology Center for R&D.
  • REDCOM introduces the SLICE® IP, a pure IP communication core in a 1U platform.


  • REDCOM unveils the SLICE® IP Micro in June. The SLICE IP Micro is a complete IP communications platform small enough to fit in your hand.


  • In March, the REDCOM HDX and SLICE family of products (version 4) are placed on the UC Approved Products List (APL) and certified for use as Local Session Controller (LSC) by the Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA) Unified Capabilities Certification Office (UCCO).
  • In June, REDCOM debuts the SLICE 2100 Micro, a complete UC Certified Local Session Controller the size of a hardcover book.
  • In July, REDCOM announces Version 5 of its carrier-class softswitch solutions.


  • In April, REDCOM celebrates its 35th anniversary.


  • In January, the latest version of REDCOM’s HDX and SLICE Family of Products receive new certification from JITC and get added to the DISA Approved Products List.


  • REDCOM releases Sigma Core, a pure-IP virtual softswitch based on open standards with a focus on interoperability, reliability, and security.
  • Sigma Core 1.2.3 is placed on the DISA Approved Products List.


  • In January, Dinah Gueldenpfennig Weisberg takes over as President of REDCOM.
  • In July, REDCOM introduces Server 1600, a compact, powerful, and ruggedized MIL-spec computing platform. Server 1600 is the ideal platform for running REDCOM’s Sigma Core software platform.


  • In January, Dinah Gueldepnfennig Weisberg is promoted to Chief Executive Officer of REDCOM.